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With close to four decades of experience and 4,000 successfully completed projects, we are leaders in the transfer of know-how, technologies, and simulation software solutions in Italy and Europe. We have a team of more than 250 seasoned engineers who have multidisciplinary expertise across every industry sector, enabling us to offer both application and methodological consulting.

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Training online

Explore our online and residential options to get the training you need and the flexibility you want.

Choose the training you and your team need — where, when and how you want it, whether it’s in a classroom, online or at your company offices.

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12.07.2023, 30.08.2023, 11.10.2023, 22.11.2023

CETOL 6σ Workshop

Melden Sie sich jetzt für einen unserer CETOL 6σ Technologietage an

Stehen Sie vor der Herausforderung, in Ihren Baugruppen die Produktionskosten zu optimieren, Produktrisiken zu minimieren und die Entwicklungszeiten zu verkürzen? Durch die 3D-Toleranzsimulation mit der Softwarelösung CETOL 6σ erhalten Sie die erforderlichen Erkenntnisse, um teure „Angsttoleranzen“ zu vermeiden und Montageprozesse bereits ohne physikalische Prototypen am Rechner zu optimieren.

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14 Giugno 2023

Progettare l’automazione: ridurre costi e tempi con il Virtual Commissioning

I benefici dell’integrazione tra progettazione meccanica e sviluppo software

Il Virtual Commissioning è un nuovo approccio alla progettazione di macchine automatiche e linee di produzione, basato sulla creazione di un gemello digitale.

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Our simulation solutions

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Pipistrel: flying straight from simulation to production

ESTECO optimization technology as a way to skip the prototyping phase for a hybrid-electric aircraft propeller

Pipistrel, an aviation and aerospace company based in Slovenia, chose ESTECO technologies to design the propeller for a highly efficient, hybrid-electric aircraft.

aerospace modefrontier


The Fundamental Role of a Simulation-Based Approach in New High-Technology Product Development

Numerical simulation assists in all phases of product development from scoping and costing to final performance analysis

Simulation is nowadays strongly connected to new product development in most high-technology industries.

ansys electronics


Lime Kiln DEM Analysis with ROCKY

CAE is key to ensuring the efficiency and technical integrity of equipment and plants in the lime industry

In the lime industry, the process engineers of Cimprogretti advise on process safety, analyse and interpret laboratory and plant data and provide specialised support to ensure the technical integrity of equipment and plants.

mechanics rocky

Discover all our expertise

In the name of excellence and with an eye toward the future

We play an active role in leading-edge design process innovation for Industry 4.0 and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), through ongoing collaboration with academia, the R&D centres of major industrial groups, in European and Italian R&D projects, and with our customers. We partner with our clients to develop robust, accurate, reliable engineering simulation models that guarantee strategic innovation and maximise ROI and competitive business advantage.

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The first release of 2023 is online

The Spotlight focuses on robots and cobots: a look at some interesting applications of robotics, combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, in areas such as agriculture, home care and surgery. There is also a rich and varied selection of contributions published in the other sections of the magazine. Enjoy reading!

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Futurities magazine

Innovation without research is impossible

Knowledge plays a leading role in any development process: which is why research is at the heart of EnginSoft’s business and its service offering to corporate customers.
Through our participation in research projects, we realize our objectives of increasing our pioneering technical knowledge, and deepening our existing experience while gaining access to new industries and simultaneously innovating and testing new instruments, software, applications and technologies in SBES.

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Training is a key lever for companies

If you are contemplating buying or, indeed, are already using a simulation software, careful consideration should be given to ongoing training by proven industry practitioners. It is just as important to us as it is to you to effectively leverage the software that best allows you to obtain the solution you require.
We offer both basic and advance training as either bespoke or standard training courses to ensure that you are gaining maximum value and reaping the benefits of your purchase decision.

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