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The training course on geometric product specification and tolerance analysis addresses the issues related to tolerance management and the approach known as "Dimensional Management", which defines the activities involved and their sequence for achieving the desired quality at the lowest possible cost.

The ASME-Y14.5 GD&T and ISO/GPS standards (with 8015 and 1101 being the most important) describe the dimensional and geometric variations that can be accepted in the production of a single component, clearly indicate what to measure, and allow all aspects of these variations to be explicitly controlled. They also define the functionality of the parts and how they are to be assembled.

In complex products, however, tolerances assigned to individual parts propagate themselves across the contacts and are amplified, which can severely affect the final quality, leading to potential failure of or inability to assemble the component. The ASME/GD&T and ISO/GPS standards do not enable this type of evaluation to be made, delegating it to " tolerance propagation calculations".

It is therefore vital for companies to analyze this chain to ensure the preliminary validation of the design, and to modify the single values that have the greatest impact on product quality with corrective measures. The main obstacle to this task is the complexity of the calculation models which, by nature, are non-linear, three-dimensional and include stochastic variables. Reliable models therefore require the adoption of ad hoc Computer Aided Tolerancing (CAT) software tools.
We offer a wide range of training courses – scheduled, on-demand and customized – designed to meet the varying needs of individuals and/or the company in which they work: SO-GPS, ASME-GD&T standards, Tolerance analysis and model-based definition, and Software technologies training.

The Cetol 6σ training software is aimed at anyone wishing to implement CAT software that is capable of calculating complex tolerance chains in the shortest possible time with maximum precision and reliability.
Tackling the problems of geometric product specification and tolerance analysis together is essential for profitable product development today.

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