smart prodactive

smart prodactive

What does it take to boost your shopfloor? Data, traceability, process optimization. In other words, smart prodactive!

smart prodactive

smart prodactive is a product of EnginSoft SpA.

smart prodactive is the web-based platform that brings companies into the era of data and artificial intelligence in the following steps:

  • receiving data external sources (e.g., machine states, alarms, process parameters, process variables, signals from additional sources)
  • processing and transformation of the data using artificial intelligence
  • generation of useful information to increase business
  • control and improvement of the production process
  • predictive maintenance to have assets always available
  • representation of energy consumption
  • evaluation of sustainability indexes achieved with energy savings

The platform is based on a microservices architecture, easily scalable and avilable both on-premise and on cloud as SaaS. The main modules are:

  • smart prodactive.acquisition: the module offers an innovative solution to acquire and monitor industrial data, easily integrating with the existing production environment. Using smart algorithms, it enables real-time data analysis and performance monitoring, improving operation efficiency and providing a competitive advantage in the global market;
  • smart prodactive.maintenance: the module optimizes the efficiency of industrial plants through predictive maintenance, analyzing data with advanced algorithms to prevent failures and schedule efficient interventions. This proactive approach reduces maintenance costs and maximizes productivity by integrating directly with existing enterprise systems;
  • smart the module analyzes energy consumption data at various levels, enabling the identification of trends and anomalies, and providing indicators and reports to assess corporate sustainability, with a focus on reducing costs and environmental impact;
  • smart prodactive.quality: the module monitors and analyzes process quality, using artificial intelligence to identify problems and define improvement plans. Integrated with smart prodactive Acquisition, it ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes, reducing waste and improving the quality of finished products. By providing detailed reports and charts, it enables users to take informed decisions to optimize processes, thus helping to ensure business competitiveness and efficiency.

The smart prodactive platform is sold on an all-inclusive basis, with comprehensive support tailored to the needs of the business. We provide our customers with platform start-up support, shop floor digitalisation consultancy, production process optimisation and sustainability and ESG modelling support.

smart prodactive - Data, traceability, process optimization

Main benefits

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  Faster Delivery Times

  Real-time Monitoring Active

  Scrap Rate: the involved HPDC foundry is expecting for a 40% reduction in scrap rate

  Production: flexibility, stability and efficiency is generating 10% of no-quality-cost

  Quality Control: in good exploitation scenario the cost of quality control can decrease of 40%

  Energy: energy consumption will be reduced by 5-10%, due to scrap reduction and more production efficiency with reference to the single cast part



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smart prodactive

technical paper

Innovative control and real-time quality prediction for the casting production of aluminum alloy structural components

This work was developed within the “MUSIC” Project (MUlti-layers control & cognitive System to drive metal and plastic production line for Injected Components), supported by European Union [FP7-2012-NMPICT-FoF] under grant agreement number n°314145. The authors would like to thank the MUSIC consortium (

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smart prodactive

technical paper

Real-time HPDC quality prediction and optimization supported by trained cognitive model

This work was developed inside “MUSIC” Project (MUlti-layers control & cognitive System to drive metal and plastic production line for Injected Components), supported by European Union - [FP7-2012-NMP-ICT-FoF] under grant agreement number n°3141. The authors would like to thank the MUSIC consortium (, and particularly RDS Moulding Technology SpA.

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smart prodactive

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