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aPriori is a product of aPriori

aPriori is the leading Manufacturing Insights Platform. It delivers strategic insights so manufacturers know how to design a product and where to manufacture it to optimize cash flow, accelerate revenue growth and improve margins.

This collaborative software combines Product Cost Management, Design for Manufacturing and Sustainability, and Supplier Collaboration capabilities. The technology includes more than 450 manufacturing process simulations and 87 regional economic models. As a result, manufacturers yield insights that accelerate time to market by 20%, while achieving in huge cost savings and a decreased CO2 footprint. aPriori's Manufacturing Insights Platform connects Design Engineers, Cost Experts, and Sourcing/Procurement teams.

aPriori provides a unique, end-to-end digital twin solution that empowers manufacturers to identify new opportunities rapidly for innovation and cost savings.

With aPriori, customers achieve a ~600% ROI within three years and payback within six months of adopting the software platform. aPriori also boosts manufacturers' digital thread investments i.e. in the creation of a continuous connection and collaboration between all phases of a product's life cycle, from conception and design to production, maintenance and possible recycling. And this promotes business agility and risk minimization.

Upload any CAD file into digital factories and aPriori will automatically generate a detailed manufacturability analysis in real time.

aPriori - the leading Manufacturing Insights Platform

Main benefits

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  Connection of all phases of the product development lifecycle

  Integration with your PLM and CAD systems to automatically analyze components

  Timely feedback regarding cost estimates and potential DFM (Design for Manufacturing) issues of the analyzed parts or assemblies

  Increased productivity, reduced costs, faster time to market, and higher profit margins

 Access to suppliers with availability and a good price

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Introducing Skippy: an athletic monopedal robot, designed for a repertoire of behaviors

Demonstrating the effectiveness of a systematic, complete design approach to achieve extreme, unprecedented behaviors

This article discusses a realistic multi-objective parameter optimization study of a highly athletic one-legged robot, called Skippy, in which both the parameters of the mechanism and the parameters of its optimal behaviors were sought.

optimization modefrontier biomechanics


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Optimization of an automotive manufacturing system design taking into account regional requirements

Applying CAE to facilitate business CapEx decision making in the automotive manufacturing sector

In this case study, EnginSoft engineers explain how they used modeFRONTIER to assist Comau, a Fiat Chrysler subsidiary, to optimize their approach to the preliminary design of production systems for automotive manufacturing system RFQs.

automotive optimization rail-transport modefrontier SIMUL8 iphysics industry4

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Structural Optimization of the Drift Chamber at FermiLAB

A collaboration between EnginSoft and the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (I.N.F.N.)

The ultimate goal of the study was to optimize the Drift Chamber’s performance in terms of stiffness, strength and weight o be mounted on the Mu2e particle detector at FermiLAB in Chicago

construction modefrontier ansys optimization energy


Structural Analysis of the Planing Hull for the Permare Amer 116 Super Yacht

An efficient, fully integrated and optimized logic that consisted in the coupling of different software analysis tools

The main structure of the yacht is made of composite laminates with the presence of many composite reinforcements and bonded joints. We conducted a detailed structural analysis of the entire structure and verified the structural requirements.

marine optimization


Ultra-Wide Band Radome CAE Optimization

Overcoming mechanical and electromagnetic challenges in refining a radome for electronic warfare

Elettronica SpA designs and produces systems for electronic warfare. Each system design is unique according to its platform and purpose. In this article, the company describes how it used CAE to approach the challenging design of a single sandwich radome.

ansys optimization electronics