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smart prodactive

What does it take to boost your shopfloor? Data, traceability, process optimization. In other words, smart prodactive!

The “smart prodactive” tool predicts the quality, energy and cost of the injection process in real-time, covering the 100% of products, and suggests the appropriate re-actions to adjust the process set-up and/or mechanism.

industry4 metal-process-simulation optimization smartprod


The Real Power of Simulation

X-RHEA (EXtended Reality for Human Engineering Application) is the immersive solution for the visualization and presentation of CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) data.

automotive meshing mechanics optimization industry4


Manufacturing Insights Platform

The leading cloud-based platform used by manufacturers to unlock cost, manufacturability, and carbon insights for increased product profitability and sustainability.

industry4 optimization digital-manufacturing apriori


Get Durability Right

Endurica provides solutions that put you in control of durability issues of elastomers components early in the development cycle. The Endurica solutions help our clients understand and manage the effects on fatigue life of nonlinear material behavior, component geometry, and complex duty cycles. Endurica has served leading companies in the automotive, medical device, offshore, and consumer products.

automotive endurica


Innovative digital platform for the development and modeling of batteries, which simulates, predicts and optimizes their behavior

Oorja, an innovative digital platform for battery development and modeling, which uses a hybrid approach: ease to use and accuracy to predictions.

automotive electronics energy oorja


Advanced numeric and symbolic solution with a powerful maths engine

Maple is an advanced numeric and symbolic solution with a powerful maths engine. Maple is used by Design Engineers and Advanced Analysts to quickly and accurately perform calculations and mathematical manipulations using live mathematical expressions.

maple maplesim


The fully integrated 3D tolerance analysis software tool

The fully integrated 3D tolerance analysis software tool provides the invaluable insight needed to confidently release designs for manufacture and inform the selection of appropriate tolerances to achieve your variation goals efficiently.

cetol eztol gdtadvisor tollerances

Maple Flow

Mathematical software for engineering calculations

Maple Flow is an advanced software for symbolic processing, visualization, and analysis of mathematical data and models. Developed by Maplesoft, Maple Flow combines the power of symbolic computation with an intuitive interface, allowing users to explore and solve complex problems efficiently.

maple maplesim


The 1D tolerance stack up analysis tool

EZtol is a 1-Dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program designed to assist in understanding the impact of the accumulation of part-level dimensional variation and sources and the impact that they have on assembly-level requirements.

eztol cetol gdtadvisor

GD&T Advisor

The interactive software solution to guide the designer or engineer towards the correct application of GD&T

GD&T Advisor the interactive software solution to guide the designer or engineer towards the correct application of GD&T, based on CETOL 6σ Precise Constraint Technology

eztol cetol gdtadvisor


MBD Workflow & CAD Translation

Your valuable native cad data is now open for use and re-use in any en¬vironment.

tolerances cetol mbdvidia comparevidia


Derivative CAD Validation & Revision Comparison

CompareVidia is an easy-to-use application for validating and comparing CAD models.

tolerances cetol mbdvidia comparevidia


CAD translation, repair and simplification

CADfix is the leading software solution for CAD model translation, repair, healing, defeaturing and simplification

cadfix cfd mechanics

SDC Verifier

The Comprehensive Structural Design and Verification Solution for FEA Professionals

SDC Verifier technology allows you to perform an in-depth study on the load-bearing structures of large assemblies, modeled with Beam, Shell and Solid elements. In addition, it is capable to recognize automatically joints and welds in order to properly performs rule checks.

sdc-verifier civil-engineering


A revolutionary meshing solution for reliable CFD analysis of rotary positive displacement machines

Thanks to TwinMesh software, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become an efficient development tool for the first time also for manufacturers of rotary positive displacement machines.

twinmesh cfd


Digital engineering, simulation and augmented reality for machines, production lines design and plant logistics

industrialPhysics is an innovative simulation platform for the digital design and virtual commissioning of complex production machines, lines and plants.

iphysics industry4 optimization mechanics


Manufacturing systems simulation, process digital twin, performance improvement and optimization

SIMUL8 is a software for modeling, simulating, analyzing and optimizing the system-level performance of production systems during their design, reconfiguration and production planning phases.

SIMUL8 industry4 optimization


The strategic Growth Impact AssessmeNT Solution

The strategicGIANT (Growth Impact AssessmeNT) Solution developed by EnginSoft UK to help water companies meet the challenges of urban development under the new regulatory requirements imposed by OFWAT.

strategicgiant industry4 optimization environmental cfd mechanics

ViveLab Ergo

Ergonomic verification in 3D virtual space

ViveLab Ergo is a high-performance cloud computing innovative simulation system that is perfectly capable of modeling machines, robots and people moving in a given physical environment.

vivelab automotive biomechanics


A new tool for Ansys that facilitates materials testing and microscopic analysis of composite materials

Using this technique, all material constants can be evaluated without expensive experimental campaigns.

multiscale composites


The advanced system-level modeling solution

MapleSim is the advanced system-level modeling solution based on the Maple mathematical engine and analysis environment to design and simulate multidomain systems, plants and controls in one single environment.

maple maplesim


An advanced CFD Software solution, based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method

Particleworks is an advanced CFD Software solution, based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method.



System Level Thermal-Fluid Flow Simulation Software

Flownex is a design tool for fluid network. It allows a fast and accurate CFD analyses of a plant because it defines components through lumped parameters and connects them in a thermo-fluid network.



An innovative Multibody Dynamics based CAE software

RecurDyn is a superior Multibody Dynamics solution with exceptional contact technology and powerful solver for large scale multibody models with multiple contacts and flexible bodies.



Piping and Equipment analysis & sizing suite

Four software solutions: Start Prof, the first Pipe Stress Analysis Software; HYDROSYSTEM, Nominal Size Selection, Heat Loss & Hydraulic Calculation of Pipeline Systems; PASS/Equip Stress and Stability Analysis of Vessels and Apparatuses Software and Nozzle-FEM, Analysis of stress state, calculation of flexibilities and allowable loads of nozzle junctions

psre oil-gas


Explore Pervasive Engineering Simulation

Ansys offers a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires.



Making finite element analysis easier

Straus7's fully-integrated visual environment - combined with a suite of powerful solvers - gives you unparalleled functionality in a single application. Construct models, run analyses and investigate results simultaneously using a seamless interface.


Total Materia

The world’s most comprehensive materials database

Total Materia is the world’s most comprehensive materials database providing lightning fast access to properties for over 450.000 metals, polymers, ceramics and composites.

totalmateria mechanics


Simulation and virtual optimization of casting processes

MAGMASOFT® is the comprehensive and effective optimization tool for improving metalcasting quality, optimizing process conditions and reducing production costs.

magma metal-process-simulation


Load Calculation Software for Product Engineering

One of the most challenging tasks for an analyst is to develop load cases for their FEA model that match measured strain values.

trueload mechanics


The globally leading software for finite element based fatigue life prediction

FEMFAT is a universally applicable software program for the fatigue analysis of statically and/or dynamically loaded components and complete systems.