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Futurities is the revamped, revisited, and renewed version of the EnginSoft's SBE&S Magazine, the quarterly publication dedicated to bring you the latest news and developments in the numerical simulation world, paying attentions to the issues of reducing product development lead time, increasing the return on investment by using the latest and greatest CAE tools, and to original, "out-of-the-box" approaches to the problems of design and product development.

The new version of the magazine is intended to focus into a forward-looking instructive tool for knowledge transfer, seasoned with food for thought and reflection – in a nutshell to present the future of engineering simulation in all its facets and what will happen then. The content is organized into several focused areas including Technology Transfer, that will feature technical or mathematical analyses of different engineering problems, as well as academic papers, Know-How, that will present industrial use cases describing the engineering challenge faced, the approach taken, and methodology used in resolving it, Research & Innovation, that will offer updates and insights from research projects, as well as providing a showcase for interesting innovative applications, Product Peeks, that will provide an overview of some of the latest software products on the market, and still more sections to come.

The main novelty is the Spotlight that will focus on an aspect of simulation, presenting leading edge approaches, techniques and technology developments.

CURRENT ISSUE: Year 19 n. 4 Winter 2022

The final issue of Futurities for 2022 places the Spotlight on the aerospace sector, one of the few sectors not to have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and one the sectors that is recognized to be a significant driver of innovation and growth across the broader economy. Space technologies have also been named one of the 14 technology technologies to watch in the McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2022 and are the feature of a collaborative report between McKinsey and the World Economic Forum that explores potential scenarios for the future of space.

Our contribution to the discussion includes a wide-ranging interview with Anilkumar Dave, a space economy and open innovation advisor and the former head of innovation and technology transfer at the Italian Space Agency (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, ASI). He was one of the invitees to Day 3 of the International CAE Conference held in Venice on 18 November. Futurities spoke to him about the evolution of technology transfer and the role of the space sector in innovation within the aerospace sector and beyond.


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