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Futurities is the revamped, revisited, and renewed version of the EnginSoft's SBE&S Magazine, the quarterly publication dedicated to bring you the latest news and developments in the numerical simulation world, paying attentions to the issues of reducing product development lead time, increasing the return on investment by using the latest and greatest CAE tools, and to original, "out-of-the-box" approaches to the problems of design and product development.

The new version of the magazine is intended to focus into a forward-looking instructive tool for knowledge transfer, seasoned with food for thought and reflection – in a nutshell to present the future of engineering simulation in all its facets and what will happen then. The content is organized into several focused areas including Technology Transfer, that will feature technical or mathematical analyses of different engineering problems, as well as academic papers, Know-How, that will present industrial use cases describing the engineering challenge faced, the approach taken, and methodology used in resolving it, Research & Innovation, that will offer updates and insights from research projects, as well as providing a showcase for interesting innovative applications, Product Peeks, that will provide an overview of some of the latest software products on the market, and still more sections to come.

The main novelty is the Spotlight that will focus on an aspect of simulation, presenting leading edge approaches, techniques and technology developments.

Futurities - EnginSoft's SBE&S Magazine

Year 20 n. 2 Summer 2023

In the summer issue of Futurities we have placed the Spotlight on sustainability by looking at Engineering for Renewables. With ever-increasing pressure from the public, academia and scientific bodies on governments and businesses to take significant action to reduce carbon emissions and convert to renewable energy sources to mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce the various kinds of pollution, there is more pressure than ever on engineers to create the solutions – either by developing better methods to use and store energy from renewable sources more efficiently and effectively, or by reducing the impact of the existing, traditional energy sources by making their use cleaner, more efficient and less harmful. Among other pieces, our Spotlight looks at a solution from SAER Elettropompe to modify turbines to generate low-cost electricity from existing piping systems as well as a study by ESTECO to ensure the stability and functionality of offshore wind turbines even in hurricane-force winds.

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Special Issues


Futurities: 2023 special issue on Additive Manufacturing

This Special Issue of Futurities is fully dedicated the value chain of Additive Manufacturing, including several pieces from different specialists in the AM sector, going from the powder experts, to the manufacturers and the AM quality control professionals, looking at this growing market from different perspectives and presenting various types of 3D printing processes and materials for industrial production.

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additive manufacturing


Futurities: 2023 special issue on Particleworks

This publication is a collection of papers addressing different industrial sectors and covering applications ranging from lubrication of transmissions, cooling of engines, prevention of aquaplaning, and fire extinguishing, to the electrification of mobility solutions and the study of snow drifts.

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