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CURRENT ISSUE: Year 19 n. 1 Spring 2022

In this first issue of Futurities our Spotlight falls on the emerging area of Origami Engineering, which holds great promise to help resolve some of the most pressing current and future engineering problems. The focus is on how the ancient Japanese art of paper folding can be applied to innovative materials to provide light-weight, secure, compact and expandable solutions to widely disparate areas and scales, from the nano to the massive.

Also under our Spotlight in this issue, is a design thinking approach to the application of Finite Element Method to traffic accident kinematics in order to assess risk and damage in the insurance industry, and an analysis of energy absorption capacity of paper honeycomb sandwich structures, widely used across the packaging and furniture industries.

Other interesting articles in this issue include a look at one of the new frontiers in simulation for microsystems using deep learning-based reduced order models, the challenges of testing and simulating lattice structures, how the Johnson Cook plasticity model can be used in high strain rate regime applications and the use of moving particle simulation method to optimize the spray cooling of e-drives.

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