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CURRENT ISSUE: Year 19 n. 2 Summer 2022

Welcome to the second release of the new look of our magazine Futurities. We would like to thank you for your enthusiastic feedback on our new look, as well as for all the compliments about the new focus and organization! We are pleased that the new thrust of the magazine has been so well received and we warmly invite you to write to us with more feedback, observations, suggestions, and requests for future editions.

Just to remind you and help you to find your way around our new sections, the content is organized into several focused areas including the Spotlight, that focuses on an aspect of simulation, presenting leading edge approaches, techniques and technology developments; Technology Transfer, that covers technical or mathematical analyses of different engineering problems, as well as academic papers; Know-how, that presents industrial use cases describing the engineering challenge faced, the approach taken, and methodology used in resolving it; Research & Innovation, that offers updates and insights from research projects, as well as providing a showcase for interesting innovative applications; Product Peeks, that provides an overview of some of the latest software products on the market and there are more to follow in the editions to come.

This issue’s Spotlight, which we named Back to Nature, investigates greener applications of technology and innovations to achieve greater sustainability. We look at engineering design inspired by nature and that attempts to capture and leverage natural characteristics in the engineering world, in terms of shapes, structures and properties. Of particular interest in this regard are the articles about a European project on composite materials using recycled tyres, and a discussion of bio-inspired lattice structures.

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