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CURRENT ISSUE: Year 19 n. 3 Autumn 2022

The dramatic energy crisis and the consequent spiralling of energy costs as one of the consequences of the war in the Ukraine is proving to be an incredibly challenging problem for many industries and businesses. It has dramatically underscored the necessity of always having a Plan B as a safety net for those occasions when plans go awry and regular business practices are thwarted, and it has also emphasized yet again, the importance of transitioning rapidly to more sustainable energy practices across the value chain.

One rapidly growing and extremely exciting and creative way to achieve this is through additive manufacturing, which is where Futurities places its Spotlight in this issue as we look at Additive Generation in all senses. The rapid development of this technology and its growing ability to use all manner of materials – from ceramics to metals and polymers – and for application in all manner of environments – from space to under water – and across a wide range of industrial sectors, even some of the most traditional, makes it an area to explore and learn about for engineers in all disciplines.

Furthermore, when combined with the explorative and analytical capacities of simulation, the possibilities for it to solve many pressing problems are well worth investigating – particularly in light of its ability to create otherwise “impossible” objects – and hence its potential to contribute to the engineering challenges of the future is enormous. As the provocation on our cover implies: a contribution, if well made, can even be good for the gods!

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