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ISO 9001:2015 certification for the EA37 sector to ensure delivery of eligible training courses

Guarantee of the quality of our training and of the possibility, for our customers, to benefit from the incentives and funding provided in the training field

Training is a key lever lever for companies in the upgrading and development of their staff's digital skills.

EnginSoft has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for the EA37 sector to ensure delivery of eligible training courses.
This is a new opportunity not to be missed. It is especially suited to corporate Academy courses which we can build with you to your requirements. The incentive scheme is applicable not only to traditional training but also to technology transfer training projects.

If you are contemplating buying or, indeed, are already using a simulation software, careful consideration should be given to ongoing training by proven industry practitioners. It is just as important to us as it is to you to effectively leverage the software that best allows you to obtain the solution you require: we offer both basic and advanced training, as either tailor-made or standard training courses, to ensure that you gain maximum value and benefit from your purchase decision.



With a rich collection of training material and a varied calendar of events, we are in a position to support anyone wishing to learn more about simulation engineering and software.

All EnginSoft training proposals are delivered remotely with a teacher.

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Upon request, the same courses can be delivered face-to-face (at our training rooms or at the customer's premises), always in compliance with current regulations.

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Training online

Explore our online and residential options to get the training you need and the flexibility you want.

Choose the training you and your team need — where, when and how you want it, whether it’s in a classroom, online or at your company offices.


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Scheduled courses FLUID DYNAMICS

We offer a wide range of courses in the field of computational fluid dynamics designed to introduce users to a correct and fruitful use of CFD tools in their work environment, be it industrial or academic.

training ansys cfd flownex particleworks

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Scheduled courses MECHANICS

We organize introductory and advanced courses tailored to the user's needs. In addition to courses covering the general applications, we organize specific training courses for specialized or sector-specific applications such as fatigue, composite materials, the study of off-shore structures and the simulation of extrusion or thermoforming processes.

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The modeFRONTIER platform is a software technology that enables advanced and efficient process integration, based on which it is possible to proceed to a multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization. Therefore modeFRONTIER can be classified both as a Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) and as a Multi-disciplinary and multi-objective Design Optimization (MDO) technology.

training modefrontier optimization

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Structural engineering covers a wide range of applications, from civil structures to oil and gas, and from aerospace to amusements. Therefore, the analyses performed are different.

civil-engineering construction straus training

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MULTIBODY scheduled courses

The courses, designed by EnginSoft, are tailored to enable our clients to become effective in the shortest possible time. This is why the sessions presenting the functionality are alternated with hands-on sessions, where participants start working on simple case studies and then on an actual, practical examples.

training recurdyn mbd-ansys multibody

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Scheduled courses FOUNDRY PROCESSES

EnginSoft provides training courses on the software technologies designed for the simulation of manufacturing processes. The reference software packages are those produced by MAGMASOFT.

training forge forging magma metal-process-simulation

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The training course on geometric product specification and tolerance analysis addresses the issues related to tolerance management and the approach known as "Dimensional Management", which defines the activities involved and their sequence for achieving the desired quality at the lowest possible cost.

cetol tolerances

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The topics addressed in the Electronics courses are functional to the design of electromechanical and electronic components from the simulation of electromagnetic fields to the calculation of circuit and system performance parameters.

training electronics ansys

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EnginSoft, thanks to its expertise in the field of Digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0, is able to offer courses on these specific topics.


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The courses aim to enable participants to quickly become independent and productive in their use of Maple for engineering applications.

training maplesim maple

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EnginSoft offers a range of courses, differentiated by subject matter, and based on the field of application of the software. The courses always have a practical focus to rapidly enable the correct use of the system.

training ls-dyna

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EnginSoft organizes training courses on software technologies related to these manufacturing technologies, designed to ensure that our customers become effective in the shortest possible time.

training ansys-additivesuite

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Methodentraining ISO GPS

Ab sofort auch im Virtual Classroom!

Wer sagt, dass Trainings immer vor Ort stattfinden müssen? Mit unserem Virtual Classroom sparen Sie sich die Zeit und Mühe der Anreise und können ganz einfach per Webmeeting an unseren Trainings teilnehmen! Im ISO GPS Methodentraining führen Sie unsere Experten live durch ein interaktives, zweitägiges Online-Training, das den methodischen Ansatz der Vergabe von Form- und Lagetoleranzen sowie die ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Grundlagen beschreibt.

cetol tolerances

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Software- und Methodentrainings

Jetzt ein Software- oder Methodentraining unverbindlich anfragen

Für alle Softwarelösungen und Methoden in unserem Portfolio bieten wir Ihnen ein Training an, das Ihnen den Einstieg in die eigene Anwendung erleichtert und Sie dabei unterstützt, das volle Potential der Software oder Methodik auszuschöpfen.

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