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FLUID DYNAMICS course catalogue


Course catalog 2024


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In the field of computational fluid dynamics we offer a wide range of courses to introduce users to the correct and profitable use of CFD codes in their work environment, be it industrial or academic.

The range of courses on offer includes standard courses that introduce the main workflow for setting up, solving and post-processing an analysis, and advanced courses where more specific and complex topics are covered such as multiphase flows, turbulence, turbomachinery, and fluid-structure interaction. All fluid dynamics courses include illustrative cases developed in the Ansys platform.

The courses offered focus on the use of technology, presenting practical examples that guarantee a transfer of knowledge accompanied by continuous support from our lecturers.

Complementing the range of programmes are specialized courses on specific 3D fluid dynamics topics, including contexts in which multiphysics plays a primary role.

For one-dimensional fluid dynamics, and for those working with plants and systems, we offer a course focusing on Flownex technology.

We also offer two courses on Particleworks, software based on the mesh-less Moving Particle Simulation method, which allows the simulation of incompressible flows without having to construct a calculation grid since the fluid volume is discretized using particles.

We can create individual courses and learning paths tailored to meet specific training needs.





Explore our live online training proposals:dates, times and delivery methods will be agreed with you (the timetables listed in the course outlines are purely indicative).

Would you prefer a course in person? Our training can also be delivered in a classroom setting, either in one of our facilities, or in-house at one of your locations. Choose the training you and your team need: wherever, whenever, and however you prefer!

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