The fully integrated 3D tolerance analysis software tool

The fully integrated 3D tolerance analysis software tool provides the invaluable insight needed to confidently release designs for manufacture and inform the selection of appropriate tolerances to achieve your variation goals efficiently. Fixing assembly problems late in the design chain or avoiding them long before production, all while saving money.

CETOL 6σ enables designers and engineers to easily address multi-dimensional problems, using their native CAD geometry. This unique method allows you to receive immediate analytical feedback, utilising the easy-to-use modelling, analysis and reporting components. The user is guided through the tolerance analysis and optimisation process whilst being informed about missing or erroneous data.

Unlike simple 1D stack-up analysis or Monte Carlo Simulation, CETOL 6σ pursues a statistical approach employing advanced precise constraint technology, displayed in an intuitive graphical user interface. This approach accelerates the ability to identify and illustrate dimensional sensitivities and the tolerances that have the most significant contribution to your variation.

Discovering the critical-to-quality features to control has never been easier.

Cetol 6σ is a product of Sigmetrix LLC


Cetol 6σ

The fully intergrated 3D tolerance analysis software tool

Cetol 6σ

The fully intergrated 3D tolerance analysis software tool

Main Benefits

  Achieve maximum productivity

  Improve product quality

  Accelerate product maturity

  Optimise design & manufacturing goals

  Identify critical parts in assemblies

  Reduce scrappage and warranty claims

  Reduce manufacturing cost

  Reduce modelling time

  Communicate results efficiently

  Quickly auto-report results


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Analisi dell’influenza delle tolleranze dimensionali e geometriche sulle prestazioni di un contattore elettromeccanico

Nell’ambito di una collaborazione con Lovato Electric, EnginSoft è stata chiamata ad analizzare il problema della propagazione delle tolleranze dimensionali e geometriche applicato ad un contattore elettromeccanico: si sono potuti verificare i criteri attraverso i quali quote e tolleranze assegnate ai componenti si trasmettono alla funzionalità del prodotto finale.

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Tolerance analysis on Emax 2 low voltage air circuit-breakers series

Through the analysis of the propagation of the tolerances within the dimensional chain it has been possible to identify the dimensions and tolerances with the major impact on the functional measurements and therefore to act in a targeted way for the resolution of potential non-compliances, avoiding the generalization of their treatment.

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Development of a methodology and tools for tolerances in vehicle electrification to meet future customer demand and ensure competitive advantage

EnginSoft and Metasystem develop design validation, verification methodology for highperformance on-board chargers for electric vehicles

This article describes how EnginSoft supported Metasystem in acquiring the know-how to satisfy future customer requests on the one hand, and to create projects that are as profitable as possible in terms of waste minimization, on the other hand.

automotive tolerances cetol

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Affrontare in modo congiunto le tematiche di specifica geometrica di prodotto e di analisi delle tolleranze è oggi imprescindibile per affrontare lo sviluppo prodotto in modo remunerativo.

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New Ferry boat: Emax 2 circuit breaker tolerance analysis for maximum efficiency in panelbuilding

EnginSoft engineers help ABB optimize the Emax 2 design to allow ABB’s client IMESA to create a highly compact switchgear column for a state-of-the-art ferryboat

In this technical case study, we illustrate how EnginSoft engineers helped ABB to optimize the design of the Emax2 project.

cetol electronics mechanics tollerances eztol

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Simulating the multiphysics of a residual current device

Ensuring the safety of users around electrical contacts

This article examines the simulation of an RCD to determine the factors that affect its response times.

appliances ansys cetol recurdyn

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Tolerances analysis on a nitrogen spring

EnginSoft models technical product modifications to enable Special Springs to satisfy a customer request at the minimum cost

Special Springs commissioned EnginSoft’s engineers to calculate the production cost repercussions of a technical product modification requested by an important customer.

mechanics cetol tollerances eztol

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