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Development of zero- emission propulsion systems for general aviation




The SERENA project aims to develop a prototype propulsion system for a General Aviation- category aircraft based on hybrid power technologies (hydrogen-fueled cells, batteries, and super-capacitors).

Project Summary

SERENA contributes to the subject of fuel cells for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) applications to allow air transportation with zero emissions by small and medium-sized air taxis and unmanned aircraft. SERENA will also investigate emerging storage and energy-recovery technologies for energy reuse during flight and take-off, landing, and taxiing. The propulsion system will have a 90% lower climate impact than conventional systems.


SERENA will expand the experimental practices for new-generation aircraft at the Grottaglie Airport Test Bed, a strategic infrastructure in Southern Italy. The main innovations and benefits include: the generation of specific knowledge in the strategic high-tech sector of the hydrogen supply chain; an increase in investment; and the creation of highly qualified professionals.

ES Role

ES is contributing numerical simulation to certify the energy storage and distribution system; is developing and verifying a digital twin of the propulsion system; and is developing a decision support system (DSS).


Distretto tecnologico aerospaziale | Enginsoft Spa | Novotech Srl | Università del Salento – Department of Innovation Engineering

Funding Scheme

Funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU - Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) - M2C2.3.5


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32 months


April 2023 – December 2025


Distretto tecnologico aerospaziale - DTA

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Vito Primavera

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