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Course catalog 2024


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In the field of mechanics, EnginSoft offers a wide range of courses to consolidate knowledge transfer in the use of technologies and create value for its customers by enabling them to go far beyond the simplest, necessary knowledge of simulation software.

The introductory courses are aimed at newcomers to the world of mechanical simulation. The lessons will provide rapid acquisition of the knowledge required to create models using the geometric modelling environment specific to CAE simulations and to perform simulations for the most common types of analysis.

Advanced courses give experienced users the opportunity to delve into more complex applications, such as those involving non-linearity of various kinds, aspects of dynamics for rigid and flexible bodies, thermal, thermo-mechanical, and electromagnetic problems, or coupled physics.

Training is also offered on specialized or sector-specific applications, such as fatigue, composite materials, the study of offshore structures, and the simulation of extrusion or thermoforming processes. Rounding out the portfolio are vertical courses on specific industry topics, created from EnginSoft’s four decades of experience.

All courses offered focus on the use of technology and present practical examples in the Ansys Mechanical platform to ensure the transfer of knowledge and are complemented by continuous support from our lecturers.

We can customize individual courses and learning paths to meet specific training needs.



Explore our live online training proposals:dates, times and delivery methods will be agreed with you (the timetables listed in the course outlines are purely indicative).

Would you prefer a course in person? Our training can also be delivered in a classroom setting, either in one of our facilities, or in-house at one of your locations. Choose the training you and your team need: wherever, whenever, and however you prefer!

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