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Miniaturized cartilage tissue culture wells for point-of-care diagnosis and personalized treatment of osteoarthritis and Your Arthritis Goes Away




The concentrations of inflammatory markers will be measured by EliChipTM, a microfluidic platform of Trustech, and the concentration of NO (nitric oxide) with a specially developed Lab on Chip (LoC). The results will be stored and standardized in a Data Base (DB) created ad hoc and designed for future developments aimed at diagnosis and personalized medicine. During YOGA, the DB will be populated with data from the laboratory environment and sensitivity and study analyzes will be performed to study behaviors and relationships between tissue and therapeutic characteristics to develop a model capable of replicating in vitro experiments and being able to predict the efficacy of a therapy.

Project Summary

Osteoarthritis is a disabling pathology that is very common among the elderly. YOGA is the first step of a broader path that aims to identify personalized therapies by coupling in vitro diagnostics and artificial intelligence. In YOGA, a complex cell culture system will be developed to simulate the cartilaginous tissue in view of its use with biopsies in physiological, proinflammatory environment and treated with regenerative hydrogel.


The ambition of YOGA is the realization of a semiautomated and standardized platform to be used in any clinical laboratory for tissue characterization by biopsy when very little material is available. The application to osteoarthritis is intended to provide a comprehensive, versatile and scalable model that can be easily adapted to other diseases. The innovation is the integration with the digital platform to accommodate and analyze large amounts of data, through advanced machine learning algorithms.

ES Role

Implementation of easy-to-use platform for preventive medicine based on machine learning algorithms, designed to be used by personnel without specific mathematical-computer expertise (physicians, analytical laboratory). EliChipTM data analysis and micro-fluidic modeling.



Funding Scheme

The project YOGA has received funding from Cascade funding calls of NODES Program, supported by the MUR - M4C2 1.5 of PNRR funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU (Grant agreement no. ECS00000036). | Call identifier: Cascade funding – Linea A Spoke 5, CUP no. C13C22000420001.


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18 months


December 2023 – June 2025



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