Advanced strategies for the flow field optimization of a medical device

How to use a hybrid method of CFD analysis for product optimization and performance improvement while reducing the computational effort and the time required to achieve the results


CAE is highly effective for product optimization. In this technical article, we describe how a hybrid method of computational fluid dynamics analysis was used to enhance the design of a medical device to improve its ability to maintain a stable microclimate around a patient, but also to reduce both the computational efforts and the time required to obtain these results.
A microclimate requires the maintenance of specific values of temperature, humidity and air velocity around a patient.

In open devices, this is usually generated and sustained by means of three humidified heated air jets positioned one on either side and one at the foot of the bed.

The design parameters of this set-up form an optimization problem where the sum of the relative deviations of temperature and humidity has to be minimised at the patient’s mid-region, while air velocity has to be constrained to less than 0.35 m/s and heat loss through the ceiling towards the room has to be contained.

In this study, the hybrid method was adopted of using ANSYS CFX to calculate the flow field, and modeFRONTIER to automate the design process and to drive the computation chain toward the identification of an optimal solution.

<h5>Medical device </h5>
Medical device
<h5>Fig. 5 | SOM components chart of local correlations analysis over the NSGA-II results of the optimization. </h5>
Fig. 5 | SOM components chart of local correlations analysis over the NSGA-II results of the optimization.

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