Derivative CAD Validation & Revision Comparison


CompareVidia is a product of Capvidia.

CompareVidia is an easy-to-use application for validating and comparing CAD models. A simple workflow enables you to load two CAD models and compare them based on your criteria. Models are classified as either PASSED or FAILED. A report is automatically generated to digitally certify compliance with standards like Boeing’s D6-51991 “Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition”.

The preferred solution for leading manufacturers, CompareVidia delivers an efficient, powerful, and automatic way to validate CAD model integrity at different stages of the digital product life cycle.


Main benefits

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   3D Translation Validation: Compare native, neutral, and derivative CAD files.

   Boeing D6-51991 & DPD Approval: Pass DPD requirement validation for Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, ULA, Northrop Grumman, and more.

   Engineering Change Orders: Manage ECO by comparing CAD revisions for intended and unintended changes.

Winning strategies for tolerance management

Balancing quality and cost throughout the product development process

Find out how and why to implement the "Dimensional Management" method.

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ISEO adopts Cetol 6σ for a global approach to dimensional management

Technical collaboration and support from EnginSoft key to achieving maximum benefit from the solution

This case study describes ISEO’s project to introduce a global dimensional management approach based on CETOL6σ that starts from the product concept phase and includes design development and prototyping and extends on to cover all other phases of production through to the finished product, with the guidance and support of EnginSoft.

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The training course on geometric product specification and tolerance analysis addresses the issues related to tolerance management and the approach known as "Dimensional Management", which defines the activities involved and their sequence for achieving the desired quality at the lowest possible cost. We offer a wide range of training courses – scheduled, on-demand and customized – designed to meet the varying needs of individuals and/or the company in which they work: SO-GPS, ASME-GD&T standards, Tolerance analysis and model-based definition, and Software technologies training.

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New Ferry boat: Emax 2 circuit breaker tolerance analysis for maximum efficiency in panelbuilding

EnginSoft engineers help ABB optimize the Emax 2 design to allow ABB’s client IMESA to create a highly compact switchgear column for a state-of-the-art ferryboat

In this technical case study, we illustrate how EnginSoft engineers helped ABB to optimize the design of the Emax2 project.

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Simulating the multiphysics of a residual current device

Ensuring the safety of users around electrical contacts

This article examines the simulation of an RCD to determine the factors that affect its response times.

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Development of a methodology and tools for tolerances in vehicle electrification to meet future customer demand and ensure competitive advantage

EnginSoft and Metasystem develop design validation, verification methodology for highperformance on-board chargers for electric vehicles

This article describes how EnginSoft supported Metasystem in acquiring the know-how to satisfy future customer requests on the one hand, and to create projects that are as profitable as possible in terms of waste minimization, on the other hand.

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