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Research to support innovation

Innovation cannot exist without research, and without the broadening of knowledge

Non c'è innovazione senza ricerca

There can be no innovation without research because knowledge plays a key role in any development process.
That is why research is the cornerstone of all the activities that we conduct and that we offer to our clients.
This is industrial research, aimed at achieving applicable results, either directly or through a subsequent industrialization phase.

Scientific and technological

By participating in research and innovation projects, we increase our ground-breaking technical knowledge day by day and deepen our expertise in new areas, innovating and trialling new SBES (Simulation-based Engineering and Sciences) software, applications, and technologies.

We contribute to research initiatives by providing expertise in Multiphysics product and process simulation and manufacturing system simulation.

Our capabilities in data management and analysis, mathematical modelling, the data- and simulation-driven development of digital twins and decision-support systems (DSS) applied in diverse industrial domains and processes complement and add value to Multiphysics simulation results.

Methodological excellence
and exploitation

In working alongside excellent international consortia, we have accumulated considerable experience in monitoring calls for proposals, evaluating project ideas, and composing consortia, and we have built a robust network of expert contacts over the years.

We actively contribute to the writing phase of proposals, as well as to the coordination of approved projects.

We use an effective method, which has been well proven over the years, to commercially exploit project results.

Sectors and fields of application

Smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing

Flexible production systems

Circular Economy: de- and re-manufacturing

Smart logistics

Smart quality monitoring of product and process

Production process optimization

Predictive maintenance




Industrial applications using hydrogen

Battery physics

Systems to support nuclear fusion




Structural and fluid dynamics optimization of components

System integration for remote piloting




Modelling of raw and recycled materials

Physics of composites

Interoperability platforms




Astronaut life support systems

Propulsion of suborbital systems [Very Low Earth Orbits]

Energy balancing of spacecraft




Platforms for personalized medicine

Platforms for dynamic correlation of epidemiological data

Biodigital twins

Multiphysics and organ-on-chip modelling




Code reengineering of industrial applications for use on HPC and exascale systems

Integration and testing of CAE/CFD applications on HPC platforms

Civil security

Civil security

Civil security

Fire and crowd evacuation simulations

Simulation of hydrogeological disruptions

Network and partners

Breaking news

EnginSoft celebrates a milestone of 100 research projects and continues its commitment to innovation

EnginSoft's commitment to collaborative research and innovation projects has achieved an ambitious goal: in 2023 we reached 100 research projects (national and European) in which we were involved as partners or coordinators.

There have been enormous spin-offs for the company – from the development of new methodologies and technologies, to the business network and relationships that have been established, as well as the skills we have acquired, increased and shared in areas that add great value and have truly international scope.

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The transformative power of research

The transformative power of research

Projects’ insights

Innovation without research is impossible because knowledge plays a leading role in any development process: which is why research is at the heart of EnginSoft’s business and its service offering to corporate customers.

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Find out more about the research projects we worked on or we are collaborating on

Research project



ACCURATE will improve the sustainability, resilience, and ability to manage unforeseen events in value chains through Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS).

Research project


Open Digital Environment for Hybrid-Electric Regional Architectures

ODE4HERA will enable and accelerate the development of Hybrid-Electric Regional (HER) aircrafts.

Research project


Miniaturized cartilage tissue culture wells for point-of-care diagnosis and personalized treatment of osteoarthritis and Your Arthritis Goes Away

YOGA develops a semiautomated and standardized platform targeting clinical laboratories for tissue characterization by biopsy when very little material is available.

Research project


Manufacturing process for bio-based fibre-reinforced composite parts for structural applications

BioStruct is dedicated to developing manufacturing processes for bio-based fiber-reinforced composite parts in structural applications.

Research project


Scalable Parallel Astrophysical Codes for Exascale

The main specific objective of SPACE is to enable the most widely used European A&C HPC codes (which are also among the most widely used worldwide) to efficiently and effectively exploit the pre-exascale systems funded by EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and available at the end of 2022, and to prepare them for the transition to exascale and beyond.

Research project


Development of zero- emission propulsion systems for general aviation

The SERENA project aims to develop a prototype propulsion system for a General Aviation-category aircraft based on hybrid power technologies (hydrogen-fueled cells, batteries, and super-capacitors).

Research project


Human-centred Rapid Reconfiguration of Production and Value Chains in Fast Changing Scenarios

The overall objective of the RaRe2 project is to create a flexible and resilient Holistic Ecosystem Platform powered by the interactions of many European organizations interested in cooperating in the rapid reconfiguration of process chains through collaborative systems and adaptive workforce up-skilling.

Research project


Living Impact on Fetal Evolution: Shelter - Analyze - Validate - Empower Regulations

The LIFESAVER addresses the presently unmet societal and healthcare needs in creating and developing of a validated scientific knowledge base for the development and implementation of regulatory approaches relevant to maternal and fetal health.

Research project


Multi-OMICS techniques in the medical sciences: AI to support public Health

The overall objective of the TECNOMED-HUB project is to create, in the Piedmont region of Italy, a technology platform to support medical research 4.0, based on the integration of existing multi-omics platforms with self-learning algorithms, data mining, and big data analytics.

Research project


High Performance Computing for Performing Optimized Pumps

The experiment will investigate and optimize magnetic-drive centrifugal pumps using Cloud-based HPC with the objective of improving performance and developing new products.

Research project


Optimizing Industrial Applications for Heterogeneous HPC systems

OPTIMA is an SME-led project that aims to harness and optimize several industrial applications and a set of open source libraries. These will be used in at least three different application domains on two new HPC systems populated with FPGA integrated circuits and using several innovative programming environments.

Research project


Digital Platform for Circular Economy in Cross-sectorial Sustainable Value Networks

DigiPrime will create and operate a federated model of digital platforms by developing reliable data sharing mechanisms and preserving the confidentiality of business-critical data, governed by smart contracts and using block-chain tracking.

Research project


Diagnostic and prognostic methodologies and development of sensors for functional integrity monitoring applied to the aeronautics and transport sectors

The SMEA project studied and implemented diagnostic and prognostic methodologies, supported by appropriate sensors, to monitor the functional integrity of mechanical components typical of the aviation and transport sectors.

Research project


Smart Spaces Safety and Security for All Cities

The Smart Spaces Safety and Security for All Cities project (S4AllCities) is a large-scale project with the aim of revolutionizing the way smart cities become more prepared for and resilient against physical and cyber-attacks on their soft targets, smart spaces and critical infrastructure.

Research project


Optical SCAn-and-Repair solution for machine tools

The final goal of the project is to define a technology solution to repair metal components. End users require an automated or semi-automated solution for mounting a part of partially unknown shape into a machine, measuring the relevant part of its surface in 3D and automatically generating a repair program to restore it to the desired shape.

Research project


Additive Manufacturing Quality and moniTOring cOntroL System

Metal Additive manufacturing is a complex operation that requires the fine-tuning of hundreds of processes parameters to obtain repeatability and a high quality design at dimensional, geometric, and structural levels. To help manufacturing companies address these challenges, AMQ_TOOLS develops an innovative quality-oriented decision support framework.

Research project


SYstem LEvel quality policy aNalyser and opTimizer

Development of a novel “manufacturing system-level quality and productivity optimizer tool” enabling the evaluation of the system level impacts of the defect avoidance policies that can be adopted within single processes.

Research project


Precision medicine for musculoskeletal regeneration, prosthetics and active ageing

The ultimate goal of PREMUROSA project is to train a new generation of scientists with an integrated vision of the whole value chain in musculo-skeletal regeneration technologies and able to boost the necessary innovations to achieve precision principles in developing innovative devices and optimized clinical applications.

Research project


A SYnaptically connected brain-silicon Neural Closed-loop Hybrid system

The scientific and technological objective of the project is to create a hybrid system where a neural network in the brain of a living animal and a silicon neural network of spiking neurons on a chip are interconnected by neuromorphic synapses, thus enabling co-evolution of connectivity and co-processing of information of the two networks.

Research project


Integrated Smart Assembly Factory

The ISAF – Integrated Smart Assembly Factory – project was created to address the problem of joining two or more large parts/structures made of composite materials and therefore affected by the natural variability of the manufacturing process. The variability creates empty space (“gap”) between the parts of the joint .

Research project


AGILE manufacturing for competitiveness and product innovation

The AGILE project arises from the discussions within the Veneto system of companies and research organizations, and from a post-emergency perspective, identifies as its strategic approach the capacity for an "agile" reconversion of production systems through the application of advanced solutions for product innovation. It forms part of the "Smart Manufacturing" specialization strategy.

Research project


Soluzioni tecnologiche Innovative per la qualità e la sostenibilità dei processi di ADDitive manufacturing

The SIADD project aims to increase the manufacturing quality and sustainability of some additive manufacturing processes for metals, composite materials and multi-material metals/ composites, while also taking into account the personnel’s economic and environmental conditions and well-being.

Research project


Recover of Energy from fluid Mechanics for internet of things and remote sensing

Recovery of Mechanical Energy from fluids to feed and Internet of Things (IoT) node that monitors diesel-engine exhaust gases.

Research project


Development of new functions for analytical instrumentation to control dangerous volatile compounds

The VOLPE project aims to engineer and industrialize an innovative optoelectronic instrument to detect explosive compounds in volatile form that can be integrated with commercial systems for screening hand luggage, and capable of operating independently.

Research project


Plant Characterization Unit for closed life support system: engineering, manufacturing & testing

The goal of the project was to design a full Plant Characterization Unit (PCU) chamber with a completely sealed environment for the plants and roots. The designed plant control unit inherited the know-how from two previous projects, HySSE and AtSSE.

Research project


Attuatori Elettromeccanici per Comandi Primari di Volo, Lubrificati a Vita

LUBFORLIFE’s ultimate goal is the integration of innovative components and technologies into electromechanical actuators, for aircraft and UAV flight controls, which do not require relubrication during their entire operating lifes.

Research project

FLET 4.0

FLEet managemenT optimization through I4.0 enabled smart maintenance

The project addresses the problem of managing the data collected when servicing very different objects in order to optimize their costs and availability for the end user.

Research project



The ultimate goal of the project is to “open” a new operating area in Space, namely that of Very Low Earth Orbits (VLEO), or orbits between 160 and 250km in altitude.

Research project


Integrazione dei Sistemi Aeromobili a Pilotaggio Remoto nello spazio aereo non segregato per servizi civili innovativi

The RPASinAir project has the strategic objective of developing the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and innovative sensors connected to airborne, satellite or public archive systems, which are capable of reporting critical events and of helping to prevent and manage emergencies (floods, landslides, earthquakes, industrial accidents).

Research project


Technologies and materials for artistic manufacturing, Cultural Heritage, furniture, architectural and urban design and the design of the future

The project "TEMART - Technologies and materials for artistic manufacturing, Cultural Heritage, furniture, architectural and urban design and the design of the future" aims to improve the products of the above-mentioned sectors (functionality and aesthetics) by applying the different technologies available from the M3NET Regional Innovation Network.

Research project


Robotized foundry for the health of the workforce

The robotic equipment developed by the project for grinding, deburring, de-scoring and repairing castings is a first for most ferrous alloy foundries. The direct benefits that can be identified are varied.

Research project


High-Performance Cast Iron and Aluminum Alloys for Innovative Components

The GAP Project’s innovativeness lies in the development of innovative metallic materials with multi-sector application potential, increased by experimentation with new specific technologies (e.g. the use of ceramic cores for die-casting, surface treatments, and joining techniques).

Research project


PREDICTIVE MANUFACTURING: design, development and implementation of Digital Manufacturing solutions for quality forecasting and intelligent maintenance

The PreMANI project aims to demonstrate the applicability of these techniques across disparate application domains, characterized by very different needs, by leveraging methodological aspects of a general nature.

Research project


INternationalisation of Veneto FOundry by networked Strategies

The project supports some of the companies within the SINFONET network in using high value services, assistance, orientation, coaching, information, and export promotion to promote not only their individual companies but also the overall foundry supply chain.

Research project


Atmospheric Sub-system Engineering

The objective was to design, study and characterize the atmospheric sub-system of a Plant Control Unit and its processes related to crop growth. The atmosphere of the plant-related environment had to be homogeneous and meet the plants’ requirements.

Research project


Formulations and Computational Engineering

The project aimed to develop an open integrated framework that connects materials models at various levels of complexity, experimental data sets and commercial information (e.g. ingredients and processing costs), so that decision makers can use a wider variety of key performance indicators.

Research project


Integrated Zero Defect Manufacturing Solution for High Value Adding Multi-stage Manufacturing systems

The ForZDM project developed and demonstrated tools to support the rapid implementation of Zero-Defect Manufacturing solutions in industry, and to design more competitive and robust multi-stage manufacturing systems.

Research project


Rapid Reconfiguration of Flexible Production Systems through Capability-based Adaptation, Autoconfiguration and Integrated tools for Production Planning interoperate with the MES and production monitoring systems

The ReCaM-project demonstrates at TRL 7 a set of integrated tools for the rapid and autonomous reconfiguration of agile production systems

Research project


European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage

ExaNeSt studies architectural solutions to store and share data in a unified manner. A prototype of a physical platform and rack systems, needed to realiza European exascale systems, are developed.

Research project


Customer-driven design of product-services and production networks to adapt to regional market requirements

ProRegio project aims at developing a manufacturing intelligence based product-service that can rigorously change the current way customer requirements are addressed by manufacturing companies.

Research project


Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies and Operation in Space

The aim of EDEN ISS is to identify operation procedures for safe food production in space through adaptation, integration and demonstration of higher plant cultivation techniques.

Research project


Metodologie Avanzate di Ispezione e Controllo dei processi produttivi di strutture complesse in composito

The MAIPCO project concerns defect analysis in the production of complex composite components in the aeronautical sector and has developed new methodologies to reduce these defects.

Research project

Apulia Space

Sviluppo di Tecnologie Abilitanti nei segmenti Spazio, Terra e Utente

The project covered a wide range of space-related issues ranging from exploration of the Universe to Earth observation, including systems, the management of remote data reception, and awareness-raising activities for regional consumer acceptance of the use of space systems.

Research project

RLW Navigator

Remote Laser Welding Navigator

RLW is emerging as a promising joining technology for sheet metal assembly due to benefits on several fronts including reduced processing time, (50-75%) and decreased factory floor footprint (50%), reduced environmental impact through energy use reduction (60%), and providing a flexible process base for future model introduction or product change.

Research project


Demonstration of very low energy new buildings

Framework of demonstration and dissemination of very innovative and cost-effective energy efficiency technologies for the achievement of very low energy new buildings

Research project


Trade-Off Study for the Ranking of New Technologies Best Fitting Wing

The core of this project is the development of a trade-off study, meant to compare several different structures incorporating new technologies, in order to determine the most promising solutions among those considered

Research project


Hydroponic SubSystem Engineering

Develop an innovative design of a sealed gully and hydroponic system for space applications of food production with regenerative systems: space stations, lunar base and Mars exploration.

Research project


Solar To Hydrogen Hybrid Cycles

Objective: To demonstrate that hydrogen "green" production is possible through the exploitation of solar power.

Research project


MUlti-layers control&cognitive System to drive metal and plastic production line for Injected Components

The MUSIC is strongly aimed at leading EU-HPDC/PIM factories to cost-based competitive advantage through the necessary transition to a demand-driven industry with lower waste generation, efficiency, robustness and minimum energy consumption.

Research project


Components made in composite material, with integrated wireless communication systems capable of operating in environments hostile to radio frequency: systems, manufacturing technologies and product/ process integrated design platform

Production of components made of composite material, equipped with wireless communication systems capable of operating correctly in environments hostile to radio frequency.

Research project


Simulation Technology Aeronautic Research

A virtual design environment created for the study of casting and welding processes, of surface and massive heat treatment, and of operational performance of alloy steel-made products, using a design chain approach.

Research project


Simulation Technology Aeronautic Research – EXperimental Data

A virtual design environment dedicated to the study of surface hardening (carburizing and nitride hardening) and of welding of alloy steel products.

Research project


Building’s ENvironmental IMPACT evaluator & optimizer

Development of methodologies (and of laboratory version of a software platform designed to implement them), capable of supporting architects and engineers in designing eco-buildings characterized by an optimal compromise between environmental performance (in terms, for example, of the CO2 equivalent produced during their entire life-cycle) and costs

Research project


Engineering Analysis and Simulation Innovation Transfer (Squared)

The main aim of the project is to set out the knowledge and skills that a competent simulation engineer (CAE engineer) should possess, and to develop a set of tools that will enable engineers to develop, manage and certify their competencies within a wide range of industry sectors.

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