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With close to four decades of experience and 4,000 successfully completed projects, we are leaders in the transfer of know-how, technologies, and simulation software solutions in Italy and Europe. We have a team of more than 250 seasoned engineers who have multidisciplinary expertise across every industry sector, enabling us to offer both application and methodological consulting.

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Events to keep you up to date on the latest innovative trends


2024, September 25-26

Particleworks Experience 2024

The benefits, advantages and how-tos of going meshless

The second edition of the European Conference on meshless CFD will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, on 25 and 26 September.

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25 Settembre 2024
10.00 - 11.00

Integrazione Processo-Prodotto: Progettazione di una Valvola in acciaio

La chiave per progettare e produrre fusioni di grandi dimensioni in acciaio, assicurando elevati standard di qualità e nel minor tempo possibile, è la collaborazione.

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October 2, 2024
2:00-3:00 p.m. CET time

Align your engineering budget with your durability goals

So, you’ve got a tricky durability problem to solve, a budget, and a deadline. Join us to review a helpful framework for Aligning Your Engineering Budget with Your Durability Goals. See how to leverage Infinite Life, Safe Life, Damage Tolerant and Fail Safe approaches to get your durability challenges solved on-time and on-budget.

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Treating residual stresses and deformations in die castings

Virtual simulation during product and process design improves time to market and cost efficiency

This technical article illustrates the advantages of using virtual simulation to evaluate the thermal processes of die casting to reduce the formation of residual stresses and deformations in the components produced.

metal-process-simulation mechanics magma


Preliminary thermo-mechanical design, simulation and optimization of LAD on board the eXTP space mission

This article describes the preliminary study resulting in the design solutions adopted for the LAD module’s most important thermo-mechanical drivers, which were developed and used to demonstrate compliance with the system requirements at the spacecraft level.

aerospace rbf-morph ansys


A CAE based procedure to predict the low velocity impact response of a composite CAI specimen

The integrated procedure allowed to obtain a better understanding of the influence of some numerical parameters on the simulation results

The residual strength, in particular the compression strength after damage due to low velocity impact, is one of the most critical issue for composite laminates.

ls-dyna aerospace modefrontier composites

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In the name of excellence and with an eye toward the future

We play an active role in leading-edge design process innovation for Industry 4.0 and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), through ongoing collaboration with academia, the R&D centres of major industrial groups, in European and Italian R&D projects, and with our customers. We partner with our clients to develop robust, accurate, reliable engineering simulation models that guarantee strategic innovation and maximise ROI and competitive business advantage.

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The second release of Futurities 2024 is online

The vast topic of structural engineering is the subject of the Spotlight of this second issue of 2024, which highlights the need for a skillful and artful intertwining of engineering, numerical Simulation, art and technology in order to realise structures that are both eminently functional yet attractive and appealing. Seasoned with multiple examples, the excursus also dwells on numerous technical aspects and examines the regulatory conditions to be met.

There is also a rich and varied selection of contributions published in the other sections of the magazine.

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Futurities magazine

Innovation without research is impossible

Knowledge plays a leading role in any development process: which is why research is at the heart of EnginSoft’s business and its service offering to corporate customers.
Through our participation in research projects, we realize our objectives of increasing our pioneering technical knowledge, and deepening our existing experience while gaining access to new industries and simultaneously innovating and testing new instruments, software, applications and technologies in SBES.

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Engineering Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is an essential prerequisite for innovation: with our wide range of courses, delivered by sector professionals we ensure that our customers develop their digital skills and provide continuous qualifications for their employees.
We offer both basic and advanced training courses in the field of simulation, customized courses, and coaching, to help you to maximize return on investment when adopting state-of-the-art technologies and to create know-how that is an asset to the company; in other words, broad-spectrum education and training.

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