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EnginSoft is one of the leading technology transfer companies in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES). Since its foundation in 1984, through our expansion in the sector in the mid-Seventies, to the present day with a global presence, EnginSoft has always been at the forefront of technological innovation.

We are unique in our field simultaneously having specific and advanced skills in all disciplines in which simulation technologies are utilized, combined with the vital complementary statistical approaches, scientific computing know-how and simulation process and data management (SPDM) knowledge and experience to assist customers to safely and effectively navigate, exploit and manage the vast and complex data and information obtained both from SBES applications and from direct physical testing.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to guide and assist customers with the process of digital transformation by identifying and resolving all the problems concerning the integration of simulation with other digital technologies, from the conception of a product, to its design and production – including plant planning and commissioning – right down to operations, across every industrial sector and business dimension, and fully consistent with the relevant development projects and investment plans.

We are present in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Turkey and the U.S.A. and have a close partnership with synergetic companies located in Greece, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Korea and the U.S.A.

We work across a broad range of industries that includes automotive, energy, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, civil and structural engineering, metals, machining and manufacturing, consumer goods and appliances, healthcare and biomechanics, helping customers to best leverage existing legacy and emerging simulation technologies.

We help companies identify where, when and how simulation specifically can make a difference to their business, with a view to its meaningful integration into their design and production processes, and with respect to its integration with the other digital transformation technologies. Then, we add value by showing companies how to use all their existing and new investments to obtain the best possible system to solve product and process challenges, guarantee strategic innovation, and to maximize return on investment and competitive business advantage – all within the context of the customer’s business objectives and the trends, developments and imperatives that characterize their industry sector.

Any simulation model is only as good as the initial process description used to build it. That is why we invest a lot of skill, experience and effort in helping our customers to focus on each component and part of the process to create robust, accurate, reliable simulation models to improve their design and production processes and the interaction of these processes throughout their entire supply chain.

We assist clients to find the optimal solution to meet their particular needs – either by identifying and recommending the best available combination of commercial software packages, or by building custom modules based on our knowledge and experience, and then ensuring smooth integration between all these products and the customer’s existing software investments. This requires ongoing collaboration with customers and commercial software vendors. Our state-of-the-art high performance and cloud computing facilities provide the processing power necessary for the most sophisticated and resource-hungry simulations.

We advocate the use of multi-disciplinary technologies to provide engineers at every stage of the product life cycle with a clear picture of the impact of their specific part on the whole project. No matter how small, each part and process in the chain must be considered when creating robust, accurate, reliable simulation models. This holistic approach to our clients’ engineering simulation needs sets EnginSoft above other companies operating in the engineering simulation and SPDM market.

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Building long-term collaborative partnerships with customers

We are most passionate, though, about our clients and helping you to achieve unprecedented results and returns on your engineering simulation investments. We invest in building long-term relationships, whether partnering with your in-house team or providing outsourced engineering simulation. We pride ourselves on crafting customized solutions for each production context, based on your business needs and objectives, that effectively leverages the skills, methods, knowledge and experience in your organization.

Where we are

EnginSoft Headquarters

Via della Stazione, 27 - fraz. Mattarello
38123 Trento

+39 0461 915391
+39 0461 979 201
info (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft France

88, Avenue du Genéral Leclerc Bat.A
92100 Boulogne Billancourt

+33 1 41 10 29 50
info (dot) fr (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft Germany

Augustinusstrasse 11c
50226 Frechen-Königsdorf

+49 2234 60386 10
info (dot) de (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft Northern Europe

IDEON Science Park
223 70 Lund

+46 46 286 89 00
info (at) enginsoft (dot) se

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EnginSoft United Kingdom

University of Warwick Science Park
The Venture Centre, Sir William Lyons Rd
Coventry CV4 7EZ
United Kingdom

+44 2476 997160
info (dot) uk (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft USA

7210 Virginia #100-6243
McKinney, TX 75071
info (at) enginsoftusa (dot) com

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EnginSoft Turkey

Teknopark İstanbul - Teknopark Bulvarı
Sanayii Mah. No:1/2A/102
34906 Pendik İSTANBUL

+90 216 5041153
info (dot) tr (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft Bergamo

c/o Kilometro Rosso Innovation District - Edificio SPARK
Via Stezzano 87

+39 035 368 711
+39 0461 979 215
info (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft Firenze

Via Panciatichi 40,

+39 055 4236 811
+39 0461 979 216
info (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft Padova

Via Giambellino 7,
35129 PADOVA

+39 049 7705 311
+39 0461 979 217
info (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft Mesagne (BR)

Via Antonio Murri 2, Zona Industriale
72023 MESAGNE (BR)

+39 0831 730 194
+39 0461 979 224
info (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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EnginSoft Torino

Corso Marconi 10,
10125 TORINO

+39 011 652 5211
+39 0461 979 218
info (at) enginsoft (dot) com

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We are always looking for new and interesting professionals: please check the vacant positions in our offices.

Although they may not match your profile, we invite you to send your CV and we will be glad to take it into account.


Job Title Locations Date Posted
Vertriebsbeauftrage/r Simulationslösungen (m/w/d) Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München - Deutschland 2019, September 16.
Digital SW Integrator Engineer (Senior developer) Padova - Italy 2019, March 29