An advanced CFD Software solution, based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method


Particleworks is a product of Prometech.

Particleworks is an advanced CFD Software solution, based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method.

Distributed by EnginSoft across Europe, Particleworks provides significant time and cost savings by eliminating the mesh generation that is required for conventional CFD software.

With Particleworks, engineers are able to model and simulate large-scale problems without overwhelming resources.

For CFD Users, Particleworks can help you achieve faster, better process with reduced resource comsumption.

For Engineers relying on tests because traditional CFD is taking too long, complex and resource demanding. Particleworks can help you save money through CAE simulation.

An advanced CFD Software solution, based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method

Main benefits

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  Gain significant time and cost savings with the Mesh-free particle method

  Achieve improved accuracy of free surface flow

  Overcome complex boundary geometries with flexible boundary conditions

  Accelerate flexible fluid power/fluid rigid body integrations

  Understand the modularity of chemical reactions and mixing



Futurities: 2023 special issue on Particleworks

Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) is a meshless method of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) specifically conceived to analyse liquid flows, from the most common liquids like water and oil, to the most complex ones such as highly viscous consumer products, adhesives, polymers, and foods or even semi-solid materials like grease or organic waste.

This publication is a collection of papers addressing different industrial sectors and covering applications ranging from lubrication of transmissions, cooling of engines, prevention of aquaplaning, and fire extinguishing, to the electrification of mobility solutions and the study of snow drifts.

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Lubrication and heat dissipation in transmissions and bearings

Lubrication and heat dissipation in transmissions and bearings are critical to both the performance and the life of these systems

Transmission design is mainly based on the mechanical aspects of the transmission and lubrication is an aspect that is verified, and eventually corrected, based on bench testing, i.e. once the design phase has been completed and a physical prototype is available.

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Damage Estimation of Vehicle through Tsunami Simulation using Particleworks and LS-DYNA

MPS method in fluid computational dynamics offers possibilities for improving the design of vehicle safety

In this technical article, we demonstrate how to apply a one-way coupling technique using a combination of ParticleWorks and LS-DYNA to estimate tsunami damage to a vehicle.

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Oil flow simulation in a reciprocating engine at Honda R&D

Particleworks, an innovative particle method simulation tool, playing an important role in previously-unattainable simulation problems

In this technical article, EnginSoft and Prometech explain how they executed a highly complex computational simulation on the fluid-structure interaction of the oil flow inside a reciprocating engine, on behalf of Honda R&D.

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The importance of numerical simulation in optimizing electrified power transmission systems

Off-road vehicles are evolving towards full sustainability, driving the need for solutions that maximize fuel efficiency while reducing atmospheric emissions. To meet the growing interest in electrification, the significant challenge of power loss management in electric engines must be addressed.

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Simulating fire extinguishing equipment for historical buildings with Particleworks and Granuleworks

Studies of three methods: a water discharge gun, a drencher, and a firefighting drone

This article presents simulation examples for three types of firefighting equipment for cultural heritage buildings using Particleworks, a CFD software based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method: a water discharge gun, a drencher, and a firefighting drone.

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