Cooling fan module road test simulation

For engine cooling, Johnson Electric offers smart Cooling Fan Modules (CFM) with best in class efficiency and power density


ohnson Electric is world leader in motion subsystems market. Actuators, motors, switches, solenoids, flexible circuits and CFM are some of the wide range of custom product developed projects. The industries served include Automotive, Building Automation, Home Technologies, Medical Devices, Power Tools and Lawn & Garden.
For engine cooling, Johnson Electric offers smart Cooling Fan Modules (CFM) with best in class efficiency and power density.

CFMs are composed by a brushless motor driven electro-fan with a support frame (shroud) mounted in front of the radiator. CFMs are subjected to high structural tests according to internal and customer requirements (Vibration test, Yaw test, Endurance etc.); the road test represents an important step in the product validation.

Tests are carried out in the conditions informed by the client, adopting a standard of reproducing vibration and temperature levels, and the vehicle life. The test track is composed of a mix of paved-unpaved road with portions of severe potholes, bumps and similar obstacles. This represents a challenging loading condition that is capable of creating transitory high acceleration impact, to create potential parts damage. Abrupt braking condition from 100 to 0 km/h generates an acceleration of around 0.6 G, while bumps can generate up to 6G in longitudinal direction and 10G in the vertical direction.
Structural FEAs on CFMs aim to minimize stress and displacements on new designed products, in particular to guarantee fan-radiator and fan-shroud not-touching during the whole product life. Optimization of the product starts with a strong correlation of the model with specifically designed tests under controlled conditions.

<p>Cooling fan module road test simulation </p>

Cooling fan module road test simulation

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