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X-RHEA is co-developed by EnginSoft and Vection Technologies.

X-RHEA (EXtended Reality for Human Engineering Application) is the immersive solution for the visualization and presentation of CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) data.

The goal of X-RHEA is to enhance the presentation of studies and simulations to expedite comparison sessions among multidisciplinary teams and simplify technical-commercial communication.

X-RHEA is a cutting-edge suite to visualize in extender reality any engineering simulation results. This innovation merges tradition with modern technology, providing a powerful tool. X-RHEA revolutionizes technical-commercial communication, turning complex 2D reports into immersive experiences on Industrial Metaverse and enabling Artificial Intelligence integration.

Main benefits

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   Improves technical-commercial communication with internal stakeholders and clients;

   Reduces project development times and costs;

   Enables differentiation from competitors;

   Increases the likelihood of acquiring new projects;

   Reduces contract acquisition times;

   Lowers logistics costs for physical product and project presentations through the creation of virtual presentation spaces.

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Application of Particleworks to the design and performance evaluation of waterproofing for automotive air conditioning systems

This article introduces a case study on the waterproofing of an automotive air conditioning system for rainy conditions using Particleworks, a particle method CFD software.

particleworks automotive


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The training course on geometric product specification and tolerance analysis addresses the issues related to tolerance management and the approach known as "Dimensional Management", which defines the activities involved and their sequence for achieving the desired quality at the lowest possible cost. We offer a wide range of training courses – scheduled, on-demand and customized – designed to meet the varying needs of individuals and/or the company in which they work: SO-GPS, ASME-GD&T standards, Tolerance analysis and model-based definition, and Software technologies training.

cetol tolerances

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How to optimize an external gear pump in highly constrained conditions

Meeting the engineering challenge of increasing efficiency while reducing costs

In this technical case study, EnginSoft assists Casappa to further refine an already-optimized standard series pump for an electrical motor and generator

mechanics optimization modefrontier


Damage Estimation of Vehicle through Tsunami Simulation using Particleworks and LS-DYNA

MPS method in fluid computational dynamics offers possibilities for improving the design of vehicle safety

In this technical article, we demonstrate how to apply a one-way coupling technique using a combination of ParticleWorks and LS-DYNA to estimate tsunami damage to a vehicle.

automotive ls-dyna energy cfd particleworks environmental


Creating an accurate digital twin of a human user for realistic modeling and simulation

Multibody system simulation using biomechanical human body models in RecurDyn

This technical article describes a human body model (HBM) wizard developed for RecurDyn and discusses what is already possible and what is in the development pipeline for the near future. Biomotion Solutions provides software to quickly build HBMs in industrial-grade simulation packages.

multibody recurdyn industry4 biomechanics