Making finite element analisys easier

Strand7's fully-integrated visual environment - combined with a suite of powerful solvers - gives you unparalleled functionality in a single application. Construct models, run analyses and investigate results simultaneously using a seamless interface.

Strand7 is used for a wide range of structural analysis applications in mechanical, civil, structural, aeronautical, mining, marine, transportation and biomechanical engineering.

Strand7' is a product of Strand7 Pty Ltd.



Making finite element analisys easierk


Making finite element analisys easierk

Main Benefits

  Advanced modelling at your fingertips

  A flexible working environment

  Clear, detailed results

  Easy, professional reports


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Structural Analysis of the Celtic Gateway Footbridge Design

A cable stayed, stainless steel footbridge connecting the port in the Welsh island of Anglesey to the town center of Holyhead

The footbridge is supported by two cable-stayed, stainless steel arches lying on inclined planes, supporting a steel deck with concrete infill.

civil-engineering strauss ansys construction

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L'ingegneria strutturale copre un vasto settore di applicazioni, spaziando dalle strutture civili all'oil and gas, dall'aerospace fino all'amusement. Per questo motivo le analisi che si compiono sono varie, dall'analisi della risposta statica, all'analisi dinamica, dalla stabilità dell'equilibrio, alle applicazioni termomeccaniche, in condizioni di linearità e di non-linearità del problema (geometrica, di materiale od in relazione alle condizioni di vincolo/contatto).

civil-engineering construction straus training

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Lateral Buckling Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Arch

A brilliant example of how computer aided engineering can assist engineers to contrive an optimal solution to the problem of lateral buckling

The cable-stayed arch on one of the three bridges designed by Santiago Calatrava in Reggio Emilia: a brilliant example of an optimal solution

civil-engineering strauss construction

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Cross Validation of the Final Design for the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

The bridge designed by the world famed architect Santiago Calatrava

The bridge represents an example of a cable stayed mixed steel-concrete structure, where the stay cables are asymmetrically connected to the center of the deck and to the top of the central transverse steel arch.

construction civil-engineering strauss ansys

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Evaluation of dam performance under seismic loads with DCR time history procedure

Using the DCR time-history procedure to determine the behaviour of the dam’s 10.2M m3 of roller compacted concrete

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is situated along the Blue Nile River. Located 500 km north west of the Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba, in the Benishangul-Gumaz region, the GERD will be the largest plant in Africa

civil-engineering construction strauss

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