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International CAE Conference

International CAE Conference 2016

Published the 2016 proceedings

The International CAE Conference papers are available free of charge for download:

To stay tuned for one of the most important events in Europe on "Simulation Based Engineering". visit the website of the International CAE Conference


modeFRONTIER Workshop February 2017

13th February 2017 - Coventry, UK
Free modeFRONTIER Workshop at The University of Warwick Science Park - The Venture Centre

Webinar | Accelerate Gear Box Development and Reduce Lab Costs with Particleworks

Tuesday 28th February 2017 | 15.00-16.00 CET - Webinar
The webinar will present how Moving Particles Simulation can reduce the number of prototypes and the development time and cost of your lubrication system, by becoming part of the product development process. Moving Particles Simulation is a mesh-less CFD methodology that allows easy simulation of gear boxes, axles, differential gears, planetary drives, engines, etc.

Achieve Multi-Flexible-Body-Simulation using RecurDyn

Wednesday 22nd February 2017 - Webinar
The webinar will showcase the application of both methods of Reduced Flex and Full Flex on the same model, using the latest release of RecurDyn V8R5. Discover how the enhanced released allows engineers at different user-levels to easily build the system model and switch between Rigid/Full Flex/Reduced Flex.

Webinar | Comment Obtenir des Simulations de Systèmes Multicorps Flexibles avec RecurDyn

Mercredi 22 Février - Webinar
Découvrez comment notre logiciel de simulation permet aux ingénieurs de modéliser leur système mécanique doté de corps rigides et flexibles.



January, 2017 - ANSYS APP web area
Thanks to a new fleet of “satellite” tools, the core capabilities of Workbench can be augmented to exploit several exclusive features and greatly improve productivity and design process efficiency.

ANSYS 18.0 is coming!

January 31, 2017 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST - Webinar
Taming Product Complexity with Pervasive Engineering Simulation.
Register to attend this interactive webinar on the future of pervasive engineering simulation! Join the new CEO of ANSYS, Ajei Gopal, and visionary customers Cummins, Nebia, Oticon, Metso, GE Digital as they demonstrate the power of pervasive simulation.

Master UNED

ONLINE International Master's - 2017 | 23rd Edition
The objective is teaching engineers the basic and specialized theory of Finite Element Method (F.E.M) using commercial grade Computer Aided Engineering technologies and the immediate transfer of this skillset to professional practical application in the Industry.