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Thanks to a new fleet of “satellite” tools, the core capabilities of Workbench can be augmented to greatly improve productivity and design process efficiency.

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International CAE Conference

International CAE Conference

To stay tuned for one of the most important events in Europe on "Simulation Based Engineering". visit the website

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Webinar-Reihe zu modeFRONTIER - 04. Webinar zur Integration ModeFRONTIER / ANSYS

11 April 2017 - Online Webinar
Integration & Prozessautomatisierung: Einfachste Einbindung Ihrer Berechnungstools über die standardmäßigen Integrationsknoten zu einen durchgängigen Prozess Während des Webinars zeigen wir ein Beispiel der ANSYS Workbench Integration in modeFRONTIER und deren Optimierung

Webinar-Reihe zu modeFRONTIER - 03. Webinar zu Data-Mining

5 April 2017 - Online Webinar
Data Mining mit modeFRONTIER: schnelle und effektive Techniken, die das Verständnis Ihrer Daten vertiefen. Im Webinar werden wir die leistungsstarken Daten-Visualisierungsfunktionen von modeFRONTIER erläutern.

Webinar-Reihe zu modeFRONTIER - 02. Webinar zur Response-Surface-Modellierung (RSM)

22 März 2017 - Online Webinar
Werkzeuge zur Analyse in modeFRONTIER: Entdecken Sie den Design Space, um Informationen über Sensitivitäten und lokale Effekte zu erhalten Während des Webinars wird die sogenannte RSM-Technik mit Fallbeispielen und einer Live-Demonstration erklärt.

Webinar Series on modeFRONTIER

2017, March to April - Online Webinar Series
Join us for the modeFRONTIER Webinar Series.
Sessions are free of charge.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more from our experts!

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Metef 2017

21 - 24/06/2017 - Verona, Italy
EnginSoft will be part of the METEF 2017
METEF is the sole international event in the metals sector offering a comprehensive exhibition on raw materials, processing, machining, technologies, machinery and plants, products and applications as well as on state-of-the-art technologies for metals recovery and recycling and the most original solutions for the automotive industry.

IVS 2017

24 - 25/05/2017 - Bergamo, Italy
EnginSoft will be part of the IVS 2017
Industrial Valves Summit is set up to bring together all decision makers involved in valve technologies and flow control solutions. The event is born to attract the entire supply chain of the valve industry and is held every two years.


23 - 25/03/2017 - Parma Fairground, Italy
EnginSoft will be part of the MECSPE 2017
MECSPE is the only B2B exhibition that welcomes around 40,000 decision makers (39,656 in 2016 edition) coming from the main sectors of the manufacturing industry.


January, 2017 - ANSYS APP web area
Thanks to a new fleet of “satellite” tools, the core capabilities of Workbench can be augmented to exploit several exclusive features and greatly improve productivity and design process efficiency.