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Ansys develops a comprehensive software suite. The CAE solutions are powerful, flexible, and cover the entire range of physics, from structural and mechanics to fluid dynamics, from electromagnetism to electromechanics.

Simulation-driven product development takes engineering simulation to another level ― the unequalled depth and breadth of the software suite coupled with its unmatched engineered scalability, comprehensive multiphysics foundation and adaptive architecture set this technology apart from other CAE tools.

Ansys is a software suite of Ansys Inc

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Immergas: Using CAE to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and costs, and shorten time-to-market

Interview with engineer Luca Cavalli, from the advanced engineering team at Immergas

In this interview, engineer Luca Cavalli, of Immergas’ advanced engineering team, discusses the technical and business benefits the company has realised since first introducing Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies into its R&D department in 1997.

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Corsi a calendario Ansys MECHANICAL

Calendario 2020 | Corsi Ansys WORKBENCH, Ansys SpaceClaim, Ansys AQWA, Ansys MAXWELL etc.

EnginSoft organizza corsi di addestramento software, specifici per il settore meccanico-strutturale. Accanto ai corsi sulle applicazioni general-purposes sono organizzati altri riferiti ad applicazioni specialistiche o di settore quali la fatica, i materiali compositi, lo studio delle strutture off-shore e la simulazione dei processi di estrusione o termoformatura.

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Multi-purpose ANSYS APDL script developed for analysis of matter-radiation interaction

Ability to predict thermal and mechanical behavior within specific physical parameters has multiple industrial applications

The accurate modelling of the matter-radiation interaction is essential to predict the physical behavior of the materials used, such as their fatigue lifetime. This technical article describes the development and application of this tool, using the ANSYS APDL script


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Performance and Shape Optimization of the Campagnolo Tri-ProPad bike shorts pad

A new and revolutionary pad for bike shorts.

Sport equipment design is characterized by the fact that a fundamental part of a product success depends on the athlete’s feedback.

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Fluid Dynamics Optimization of Racing Engine Inlet Ducts at Aprilia Racing

Optimising racing engine inlet ducts using fluid dynamics

Racing engines are continuously evolved and fine-tuned to allow them to achieve extraordinary levels of performance, albeit with great complexity. However, MotoGP regulations restrict engine development by constraining some of the main design parameters.

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