Ansys Motion

Ansys Motion

The new paradigm for Multibody

Ansys Motion

Ansys is a software suite of Ansys Inc.

Ansys Motion is a new generation software solution focused on multibody. It allows a rapid and accurate analysis for a wide range of problems related to mechanical systems: vibrations, handling performance, stress and strain evaluation, fatigue life. Ansys Motion uses four resolution schemes (rigid body, flexible body, modal and meshless EasyFlex) tightly integrated and linked each other to create rapid and efficient analyzes.

Using the implicit integration method, Ansys Motion guarantees accurate and stable solutions, even with assemblies with millions DoFs. From the latest versions, pre-processing is completely integrated into the Mechanical interface, this reduces the analysis setup time and allows to reuse models for many purposes.

In addition to the basic package, Ansys Motion offers vertical toolkits, focused on specific multibody dynamic analyzes for specific application fields:

  • Ansys Motion Car – Modeling of mechanical systems used for driving and moving the vehicle (e.g. suspension system, steering system, brakes)
  • Ansys Motion Drivetrain – Detailed analysis on power transmission devices (e.g. gears, bearings, shafts, housings)
  • Ansys Motion Links – Modeling of flexible power transmission systems (e.g. chains, tracks and belts)
  • Ansys Motion EasyFlex– Module for automatic meshless resolution. It can be used to calculate stress and deformation of flexible parts using a uniform grid.
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Optimizing the shape of the M10 engine’s injector head methane circuit using RBF mesh morphing

This article is based on a collaboration between RBF Morph and AVIO to configure a numerical optimization procedure to improve the Vega E M10 engine’s performance by optimizing the methane circuit of the injector head.

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Simulazione multi-body con Ansys Motion

The aim of the course is to show to the users how to model, simulate and analyze the kinematics and the dynamics of a three-dimensional mechanism using ANSYS Motion.


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Many companies united by a common purpose: to enable people to rise

The choice to employ the ANSYS technology

Today the numerical simulation offers an important added value for dimensioning and testing of the motorbike’s chassis.

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Tools and methodologies for generating digital twins in medical research

An overview of the latest advances of the use of CAE technologies in the medical field

This article provides a non-exhaustive overview of some of the latest advances in the adoption of CAE technologies in the medical field by citing some ongoing EU research programs.

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RecurDyn enables engineers to create full FE models of flexible belts

Faciliitates extraction of stresses and strains from entire structure and takes into account all friction forces, shape and misalignment dynamics and structural flexibility

A virtual prototype of a belt must necessarily include the high flexibility of the belt itself, as well as a detailed description of the contacts. This is another scenario where RecurDyn provides better functionality than its competitors.

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