Ansys Composite PrepPost

Ansys Composite PrepPost

A user-friendly approach to analyze composite material structures

Ansys Composite PrepPost

Ansys is a software suite of Ansys Inc.

Lightness, strength and versatility of composite materials make them attractive for multiple applications, especially if the aim is to achieve high-level mechanical performance. To properly set up a FEM simulation using these materials, it is necessary to consider their composite nature, the directionality of the mechanical properties and the need to define laminates through a layered approach.

Ansys Composite PrepPost (ACP) is an integrated tool in the Workbench platform dedicated to composite laminates modeling (Pre) and advanced analysis results (Post) using dedicated failure tools.

ACP allows to generate FEM models with different lamination regions defined layer-by-layer, it uses the Ansys Mechanical solvers to perform implicit / explicit structural and thermal simulations, as well as fluid-structure interactions. Starting from the definition / choice of the material data (UD, Fabric, Stack-up), in the Pre-processing phase ACP allows to properly define stacking sequences to cover the entire structure. It's possible to switch from shell to solid modeling for submodeling analyzes or to study debonding and delamination effects. Draping simulation and "flat wrap" results are available on double curvatures surfaces.

In the Post-processing phase, ACP allows to perform global and local failures, also analyzing out-of-plane stress components and foreseeing delamination and debonding phenomena. ACP also allows the exchange of model information through various formats (e.g. Excel), including the vendor-independent CAE *.HDF5 format which enables communication with third-party tools.

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