Ansys Additive Suite

The most powerful simulation solution for metal additive manufacturing

Ansys Additive Suite delivers the critical insights required into the develop and analysis of an AM product to avoid build failure and create parts that accurately conform to design specifications. This comprehensive solution spans the entire AM workflow, from design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) through validation, print design, process simulation and exploration of materials.

Ansys Additive Suite is available as an add-on to the Ansys Mechanical Enterprise license. Therefore, it combines the native features and capabilities offers within Ansys Mechanical like structural, thermal, acoustic and other effects analysis, the built in Topology Optimization to find optimum geometry shapes that efficiently meet objectives and Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler with its toolsets for reverse engineering faceted/scanned data, and editing or optimizing STL files for additive manufacturing and 3D printing along with specific tools related to AM. It means the access to the Ansys Workbench environment streamlining the setup and resolution of AM simulations, while offering maximum flexibility according to the required needs.

  • Support to Design for AM (DfAM) utilizing topology optimization and lattice structures
  • Conduct design validation
  • Improve build setup, with additional design features for part manufacturing
  • Simulate print process
  • Explore and gain greater understanding of materials and optimal machine parameters
  • Ensure high quality and certifiable parts
  • Provides full-user access to process settings for customization
  • Efficient HPC performance scaling with Ansys HPC products


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Ansys Additive Print
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Ansys Additive Suite
Product brochure

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Ansys Additive Suite
Product brochure

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Progettazione e Simulazione del processo Additive Manufacturing per componenti metallici

Vantaggi e ritorno dell'investimento

Ottime potenzialità nella riprogettazione di parti di macchine e stampi per la produzione

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