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MUlti-layers control&cognitive System to drive metal and plastic production line for Injected Components




Control and Cognitive system to drive Injected Components production lines

Project Summary

Due to the high number of process variables involved and to the non-synchronisation of the process control units, High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) of light alloys and Plastic Injection Moulding (PIM) are most “defect-generating” and “energy-consumption” processes in EU industry showing less flexibility to any changes in products and in process evolution. Therefore, the MUSIC is strongly aimed at leading EU-HPDC/PIM factories to cost-based competitive advantage through the necessary transition to a demand-driven industry with lower waste generation, efficiency, robustness and minimum energy consumption. The development and integration of a completely new ICT platform, based on innovative Control and Cognitive system linked to real time monitoring, allows an active control of quality, avoiding the presence of defects or over-cost by directly acting on the process-machine variables optimisation or equipment boundary conditions.


The challenge of MUSIC is to transform a production-rate-dominated manufacturing field into a quality/efficiency-driven and integration-oriented one to exploit the enormous (and still underestimated) potential of HPDC/PIM through collaborative research and technological development, along the value chain through advances in manufacturing, ICT and model process technologies.

ES Role

Exploitation of data acquisition, data elaboration and process modeling capabilities for the implementation of a commercial software for future distribution within manufacturing sectors.


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Funding Scheme

Funding Scheme FP7 Collaborative Project | Call identifier FP7-2012-NMP-FoF-ICT


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48 months


September 2012 - August 2016


EnginSoft Spa

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Nicola Gramegna

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