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European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage


HPC (High Performance Computing)


ExaNeSt studies architectural solutions to store and share data in a unified manner.
A prototype of a physical platform and rack systems, needed to realize European exascale systems, are developed.

Project Summary

A solution to support industrial marketing and follow-up of exascale systems is developed following recommendations of the ETP4HPC roadmap.

The consortium collects technology and experience on the whole HPC process: applications, algorithms, operating systems, data-storage, HPC communication, packaging and system configuration, kernel tuning, data management and analysis of applications.


An innovative high efficiency Exascale level calculator is modeled, simulated and validated through prototype.

The new system has the following peculiarities: high productivity, unified storage and distributed computing, low power consumption and complexity, limited maintenance and database management costs quality of Service guarantees and resilience, storage and distributed localization of computing elements anagement of I/O in order to alleviate congestion, low latency connectivity, which is foundamental for non-volatile memory, support for task-to-data sw; models, integration scheme for the Hyper-Density system: a commercial European modular cooling system for Exascale applications in ~ 200 rack that guarantees reliability and reduced operating costs.

ES Role

EnginSoft testes the ExaNest platform with various CAE applications which often require parallelism and big data management.

These applications are both commercial and Open Source and are dedicated to the most relevant computational science areas like mechanics, fluid-dynamics, fast dynamics and crash, metallurgy, process simulation, porous media, environmental engineering, off-shore engineering, acoustic analysis, process integration and design optimization (PIDO).

EnginSoft also assists the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas in coordinating and administrating the project.


Allinea Software Ltd | EnginSoft Spa | eXact Lab Srl | Fraunhofer Institut | FOundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) | Iceotope | ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI ASTROFISICA (INAF) | Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) | Monet DB | Universitat Politecnica de Valencia | University of Manchester | Virtual Open Systems

Funding Scheme

Funding Scheme Horizon2020 | Call identifier H2020-FETHPC-2014


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42 months


December 2015 - May 2019


FOundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)

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Gino Perna

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