Ansys Twin Builder

Ansys Twin Builder

Create, Validate and Deploy your Digital Twin

Ansys Twin Builder

Ansys is a software suite of Ansys Inc.

Ansys Twin Builder is an open solution that allows engineers to create simulation-based digital twins – digital representations of assets with real-world or virtual sensor inputs. These can be deployed to manage the entire lifecycle of products and assets.

The digital twin simulation paradigm allows to increase efficiencies over time, scheduling maintenance around predictive methodologies that become more accurate with real-world testing and response. By implementing Ansys Twin Builder, it is possible to improve top-line revenue, manage bottom-line costs and both gain and retain a competitive advantage.


  • Build Twin
  • Validate Twin
  • Deploy Twin
  • Hybrid analystics
  • Multi-technology platform
  • State-of-theart reduced order modeling
  • Interoperability support
  • Digital Twin Runtime Capabilities
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Ansys Twin Builder

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Improving the design of the Air Purification Tower using 3D CFD

The Nederman Group is a world leading supplier and developer of products and solutions within the environmental technology sector. Their latest step is the use of 3D CFD which improved the performance of their Air Purification Tower by 15%!

Nederman’s Air Purification Tower is the perfect choice if source extraction is not a satisfying option.

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Improving the efficiency of an electric arc furnace’s canopy hood

This technical article describes a numerical (transient computational fluid dynamics) simulation applied to study the suction efficiency of a canopy hood in a steel plant’s electric arc furnace with a view to increasing it.

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Optimally designing an artificial lung for extracorporeal life support

A CFD-based approach

The study described in this article was designed to obtain greater insight into the gas transfer mechanism at microscopic scale using computational fluid dynamics in order to accelerate design exploration to find the optimal solution.

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Numerical simulations for the structural performance assessments: a connecting rod’s case study

Piaggio Group uses CAE to ensure a new product design’s safety and durability

The connecting rod is one of the most important components in powertrain systems, so it requires very careful structural analyses because its failure implies serious damage to the entire engine.

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