Ansys medini analyze

Ansys medini analyze

Safety & Security for electronic systems

Ansys medini analyze

Ansys is a software suite of Ansys Inc.

Safety Analysis executed with Ansys medini analyze supports efficient application of quality, safety, reliability and cybersecurity analysis engineering methods at system, item, software, hardware and PCB level. Ansys medini analyze is a model-based (SysML language), integrated tool gives you the possibility to widely support safety analysis for safety-critical electrical and electronic (E/E) and software (SW) controlled systems. Ansys medini analyze allows you to deliver safe and secure products that comply with standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ARP 4754A/ARP 4761, ISO 21448, ISO 21434, MIL-STD-882E, etc.

Cybersecurity package carries out a system-oriented cybersecurity analysis strategy to quickly identify vulnerabilities, design weaknesses, and address them to mitigate any real-world threats, while, package for semiconductors supports key safety analysis methods at various levels of a chip, ranging from IP design of integrated components up to SoCs and electronic boards.


  • Integration of key safety methods (HAZOP, HARA, FHA, FTA, FME(C)A, FMEDA, etc.) in one tool
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Integration with requirements management tool
  • Integration with Third-party software used for functional safety
  • SysML models with safety properties
  • functional safety analysis
  • model-based safety analysis
  • safety at system, software, hardware and PCB levels
  • cybersecurity analysis
  • visualization of critical elements
  • efficient teamwork
  • customizable report generation
  • advanced automated data exchange
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Numerical analyses of the heat transfer processes of a key cooling system in the ITER reactor

Supporting the design of a critical system with realistic numerical simulations of heat radiation and conjugate heat transfer

The ITER reactor’s electron cyclotron heating and current drive (EC H&CD) system launcher requires an effective cooling system due to the strong thermal loads it supports. In supporting the design of this cooling system, NINE performed several numerical studies using the Ansys simulation tools

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A History of Vortices

Detecting and mitigating critical flow structures in water pumping stations is a complex engineering task, that has always been based on experimental activities.

GE Power is a world leading supplier of solutions for power generation, from engineering to manufacturing. Detecting and mitigating critical flow structures in water pumping stations is a complex engineering task, that has always been based on experimental activities. Now GE Power can rely also on CFD modelling and on the support of EnginSoft

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New solution for cost-effective electromagnetic analysis

EnginSoft’s contribution recognized in the F4E Technology Transfer Program

EnginSoft’s cost-effective solution was successfully created in collaboration with F4E’s expert teams after numerous years spent developing and testing tools, algorithms and customized interfaces in each phase of the Electromagnetic FEM analysis workflow.

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Multiphase fluid dynamics simulation of electric expansion valves for refrigeration and air conditioning applications

Evaluating the ability of numerical methods to replace experimental testing to calculate the capacities of expansion valves

This article details a study that was undertaken by Castel, a producer of refrigeration and air conditioning components, to compare the results of an experimental method for testing expansion valves with a numerical method using Ansys.

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