Focused materials support for design and simulation

Ansys GRANTA MI Pro provides fast, direct access to company material data and reference data from Ansys Granta. Easy to implement, GRANTA MI Pro is designed to meet the focused needs of design and simulation teams.

With GRANTA MI Pro, these teams use a subset of the material information management capabilities of Ansys GRANTA MI to:

  • Build and maintain approved lists of preferred materials
  • Store important property data for these materials alongside reference data from the Ansys Granta library
  • Provide access to this data for all of their designers or analysts within Ansys Workbench or NX™ software


  • Empowers smaller organizations or focused teams in large enterprises
  • Allows secure and efficient sharing of vital material data
  • Ensures accurate design and simulation
  • Increases productivity when searching for and using data
  • Ensures consistency across CAD and CAE, reducing risk

GRANTA MI Pro Fast-start materials information management solution
for design and simulation




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Multiphase fluid dynamics simulation of electric expansion valves for refrigeration and air conditioning applications

Evaluating the ability of numerical methods to replace experimental testing to calculate the capacities of expansion valves

This article details a study that was undertaken by Castel, a producer of refrigeration and air conditioning components, to compare the results of an experimental method for testing expansion valves with a numerical method using Ansys.

ansys energy

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EnginSoft organizza corsi di addestramento software, differenziati sia per livello (di base o specialistico), sia per profilo dei destinatari (progettisti, neofiti od analisti esperti).


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Greenhouse Module for Space System

This feasibility study has been carried out to investigate and develop the characteristics of a greenhouse module for a future lunar base

This project has been coordinated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and it is embedded in the MELiSSA framework of ESA research projects.

aerospace cfd ansys

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Integrated Simulation of Commercial Pasta Manufacturing

The Virtual Optimization PAsta production process (OPAV) research project, which resulted in a simulation model

This study was part of the Virtual Optimization PAsta production process (OPAV) research project,

modefrontier ansys ls-dyna magma optimization food-beverage consumer-goods

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Reshaping the DEMO Tokamak’s TF Coil with high fidelity Multiphysics CAE and advanced mesh morphing

This article describes the Multiphysics optimization procedure undertaken to ensure the best compromise between electromagnetic and structural compliance for the Toroidal Field coils of the Advanced Divertor Configurations of the toroidal chamber, that holds the plasma in which the fusion reaction takes place.

energy ansys rbf-morph

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