Ansys Additive Science

Ansys Additive Science is a stand-alone solution specifically designed for scientists and engineers to provide an exploratory environment to determine the optimum process parameters for metal additive manufacturing machines and materials.

Ansys Additive Science helps users to ensure the achievement of the highest part integrity allowing to:

  • Determine optimum machine/material parameters
  • Control microstructure and material properties
  • Manufacture using new metal powders faster and more efficiently
  • Reduce the number of experiments needed to qualify components
  • Mitigate risk while accelerating innovation
  • Create process qualification procedures based on comparisons between simulation-predicted “correct” — and sensor-measured “actual” — machine behaviour

Ansys Additive Science enables to gain insight into the microscale meltpool phenomena and to study the effect of various process parameters by enabling prediction of:

  • Meltpool and Porosity
  • Thermal history
  • Thermal sensor measurements
  • Microstructure and material properties
  • Grain morphology
  • DOE via parametric studies


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Ansys Additive Suite
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Progettazione e Simulazione del processo Additive Manufacturing per componenti metallici

Vantaggi e ritorno dell'investimento

Ottime potenzialità nella riprogettazione di parti di macchine e stampi per la produzione

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