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A virtual design environment created for the study of casting and welding processes, of surface and massive heat treatment, and of operational performance of alloy steel-made products, using a design chain approach.

Project Summary

The STAR project has focused on the development of innovative software technology, specifically for the aviation and aerospace industry, capable of overcoming the typical limitations of some project phases of production in this sector, and of integrating project design and optimization of related processes (foundry, massive and surface heat treatment, welding, performance during operation), and products.
The abovementioned software technology consists of a virtual design environment that, by integrating internal codes to both finite elements and control volumes, allows transference and superimposition on the numerical model of all the results induced by processes and by the applied load conditions. The integration of codes according to a logic chain design ensures the accuracy of the numerical model as regards the behaviour of the related product.


The STAR design platform, starting from a specific CAD model, guides the user in its construction, by means of the finite elements and the control volumes, in order to study, sequentially and with overlapping effects, the process of casting, massive and surface heat treatment, the welding process and the operating conditions. The platform automatically performs the operations of data exchange between the different numerical models and further allows the carrying out of synchronized performance optimization, associated with each project phase under consideration.

ES Role

IT development of the platform and of the graphical wizard; development of numerical models and relative interfacing protocols; coordination of partners’ activity.


EnginSoft SpA | Università del Salento

Funding Scheme

Funding Scheme POR PUGLIA 2000-2006 – PIA PIT N. 7 - MISURA 3.13


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18 months


January 2007 - June 2008


EnginSoft SpA

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Marco Perillo

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