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18 months


November 2009 - April 2011


EnginSoft SpA

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Marco Perillo

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A virtual design environment dedicated to the study of surface hardening (carburizing and nitride hardening) and of welding of alloy steel products.

Project Summary

The STAR-EXD project had as its objective the realization of a software platform, consisting of a virtual design environment through which it is possible to monitor and analyze, in a single logical stream, the different design and procedural steps associated with the construction of a mechanical element. Since the platform is aimed at the aviation industry, production processes and subsequent post-treatments that are particularly important for this sector (foundry, surface treatment, welding ...) have been selected.
The distinctiveness of the STAR-EXD project platform is the use of meta-models, taken from specifically targeted trial campaigns, in order to study and optimize carburizing and nitride surface hardening treatments, and a welding process.


The STAR-EXD design platform concerns the study of carburizing and nitride hardening treatments and of the welding process, by numerical approach. Specifically, the application of response surface methodology (RSM) gives access to predictive meta-models relating to the investigated phenomena. The integration of these meta-models in a logical flow that includes the study of the operating conditions, allows evaluating and optimizing the performance of an element subjected to such treatment.

ES Role

The Role of EnginSoft: IT development of the platform; DOE (experimental design); development (calibration - validation) of the meta-models representing the performances under assessment; coordination of partners’ activity.

Partners: EnginSoft SpA | Università del Salento

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