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Attuatori Elettromeccanici per Comandi Primari di Volo, Lubrificati a Vita


Smart manufacturing


LUBFORLIFE’s ultimate goal is the integration of innovative components and technologies into electromechanical actuators, for aircraft and UAV flight controls, which do not require relubrication during their entire operating lifes. This requirement, which is critical for the safety and to contain the operating costs of an aircraft, requires a redesign of the actuator and its components in order to preserve the the lubricant’s characteristics and efficiency for the full 20-30 years of operation.

Project Summary

The project is structured around 10 implementation objectives ranging from the selection of lubricants to durability and environmental tests, including the definition of the actuator architectures and the related sensors and lubricant components, the topological design of the electric motors and magnetic gears, the creation of a methodology for the development of the actuator (of which EnginSoft is the leader) and the screening and implementation of test methods.


The system model is created by means of a methodological process which represents the technical foundation for the realization of a Simulation Based Digital Twin of the electromechanical actuator of the primary flight controls covered by the research project. The system model will be used to create a Digital Twin of the system itself and to develop predictive models of useful life using Reduced Order Models (ROMs).

ES Role

EnginSoft is developing the system model of an electromechanical actuator (EMA). The Simulation Based Digital Twin is being built using the know-how and data shared by the partners. EnginSoft is collecting this data and is using its know-how to direct partners to provide the information in the most effective and usable manner. This is a model-driven approach to develop the predictive part of a complex system in order to monitor, analyze and forecast its actual behavior.



Funding Scheme

Funding Scheme: MIUR Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) “Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020” | Call identifier Avviso MIUR n. 1735 del 13/07/2017


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30 months


May 2018 - November 2020



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Marco Accarino

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Project insight

Improving design and maintenance by modelling a fail-safe electromechanical actuator

by Stefano Carrino, Vito Primavera, Marco Accarino | EnginSoft

Futurities - Autumn 2022

The LUB4LIFE research project integrated components and technologies that never require lubrication during their operational life into recirculating ball electromechanical actuators to control aircraft and UAVs. Eliminating the need for lubrication, which is usually essential for safety and to reduce maintenance costs, required a redesign of the system and sub-systems to ensure functionality and efficiency over the entire lifetime of the parts.

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