RecurDyn offers a dedicated toolkit to pre-process, solve and post-process problems involving flexible media

RecurDyn offers a dedicated toolkit to pre-process, solve and post-process problems involving flexible media.

The toolkit is, therefore, the best choice for analyzing printers, copiers and other sheet-feeding machines.

The final portion of a laser printer’s paper path was studied using the Media Transport Toolkit to evaluate the influence of the corrugating roller used to corrugate the sheet to keep it straight before it falls into the tray.
The Toolkit provides significant advantages both during the pre-process and the post-process: it automates the creation of the components to simplify and speed up the pre-processing (e.g. the joints connecting the rollers to the frame, and the contacts between the rollers and the media are automatically created). In the post-processing environment, special results are available such as the sheet’s position, velocity and acceleration. RecurDyn Media Transport Toolkit proves to be an efficient solution to study problems involving flexible media.


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