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Optimization of a brush cutter using knowledge-based engineering

Futurities Year 20 n°2
By Paolo Verziagi - Emak


Emak is a leading global player that manufactures and distribute machines, components, and accessories for gardening, agriculture, forestry, and industry, having more than 200 items such as chainsaws, rotary tillers, garden tractors, hedge trimmers and more in its catalogue with various power ratings and different intensities and frequencies of duty.

The company set itself the objective of automating as much as possible the generation of a CAD model for use as a reference for designers during the industrialization phase of its two-stroke engines for handheld machines used in gardening, small-scale agriculture and civil construction. As part of this process, Emak wanted to create and implement an advanced process integration workflow to replace its existing spreadsheet-based system of managing its established manufacturing processes in order to reduce design time and achieve a global view of all the potentially critical aspects of the motor.

This article describes how the company created and tested a process to construct a parametric CAD model capable of providing its designers with a starting point for any new machine to be designed.

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The advanced system-level modeling solution

MapleSim is the advanced system-level modeling solution based on the Maple mathematical engine and analysis environment to design and simulate multidomain systems, plants and controls in one single environment.

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