New Ferry boat: Emax 2 circuit breaker tolerance analysis for maximum efficiency in panelbuilding

EnginSoft engineers help ABB optimize the Emax 2 design to allow ABB’s client IMESA to create a highly compact switchgear column for a state-of-the-art ferryboat


In this technical case study, we illustrate how EnginSoft engineers helped ABB to optimize the design of the Emax2 project to enable IMESA to create the most compact design solution for a new switchgear column with withdrawable circuit breakers (a typical requirement in marine environments), for a state-of-the-art, diesel-electric ferry boat.

The switchgear column had to be fully selective with downstream circuit breakers; grant a service short-circuit-breaking capacity of 50kA @ 600V AC; have a horizontal bussing distribution system; and realize the most compact solution compatible with the use of withdrawable circuit breakers. EnginSoft assisted ABB to validate the Emax 2 project in order to to ensure that the product requirements would adhere to their thresholds of acceptability, despite any tolerances propagated during the assembly process. Specifically, three requirements were essential for this product: the capability of the products to be assembled together easily; product quality; and operator or maintenance worker security.

This type of CAE is used to generate quantitative information with which to identify the corrective design actions necessary while products and parts are still at the drawing stage, thus avoiding their discovery during the prototyping phase. This saves on production, quality control and reworks costs.

<h5>Different versions of the Emax 2 product family</h5>
Different versions of the Emax 2 product family

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