Lime Kiln DEM Analysis with ROCKY

CAE is key to ensuring the efficiency and technical integrity of equipment and plants in the lime industry


Process Engineering is fundamental to the development of industrial plants and includes all phases from site visits and surveys to issue identification and analysis and long-term project development. In the lime industry, the process engineers of Cimprogretti, a worldwide leader in the design of plants and equipment for the lime industry, design and optimize chemical processes, advise on process safety, analyse and interpret laboratory and plant data and provide specialised support to ensure the technical integrity of equipment and plants.

Specifically, Cimprogetti uses CAE to predict the behaviour of design solutions, testing innovations and optimizing designs from the earliest stages of conceptualization through to product validation and a better understanding of the implications of design decisions on plant performance. This brief article outlines how Cimprogetti and EnginSoft used ROCKY Discrete Element Modeling to perform a dynamic analysis of the entire lime transportation phase to improve the design of a new kiln loading system. An important part of the simulation was the calibration of the lime particles’ physical and geometrical characteristics in order to achieve uniform stone distribution.

<h5>Lime Klim model</h5>
Lime Klim model

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