How to optimize an external gear pump in highly constrained conditions

Meeting the engineering challenge of increasing efficiency while reducing costs


In this technical case study, EnginSoft assists Casappa to further refine an already-optimized standard series pump for an electrical motor and generator design in order to minimise its noise emission while maintaining its same level of performance. The approach adopted was to review the core feature of the pump -- the design of its gears and the interfacing lateral plates -- in order to reduce the structural noise generated by the internal oscillating forces inside the pump and the fluid- and airborne noise caused by the pressure fluctuations and waves in the hydraulic circuit. A further purpose was to minimise the overall system’s energy usage by reducing leakages and friction between the internal components.

This article details the steps and procedures followed to apply computational fluid dynamics in a finite element method multi-physics simulation, using ModeFrontier and Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGAII) to find and then test the best virtual redesign in order to create a prototype for physical testing in the laboratory.

<h5>Figure 1a | Casappa POLARIS 20 external gear pump <br> Figure 1b | POLARIS 20 pump exploded view</h5>
Figure 1a | Casappa POLARIS 20 external gear pump
Figure 1b | POLARIS 20 pump exploded view

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