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Lovato Electrics chooses ANSYS MAXWELL to guarantee it brings superior products to market in less time

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LOVATO Electric


Lovato Electric, founded in Bergamo, Italy in 1922, is a privately owned company that designs and manufactures low-voltage electrical devices for industrial automation and energy management. With over 10,000 products, available in more than 100 countries around the world, it was one of the first Italian companies to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1992. The company is committed to delivering innovation through its products and so it commissioned EnginSoft to help it create a pilot project in order to compare and finally select an electromagnetic field simulation software solution.

For over 90 years, LOVATO Electric has been designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical devices for industrial applications.
Founded in 1922 in Bergamo, Italy, LOVATO Electric is a privately owned company, and has been managed by the same family of entrepreneurs for 4 generations. Among the first Italian companies to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1992, LOVATO Electric has a range of over 10,000 products that comply with the strictest requirements of international standards.
Motor protection circuit breakers, contactors, pushbuttons, switch disconnectors, limit switches, digital multimeters, energy meters, soft starters, AC motor drives, automatic power factor controllers and engine and generator controllers are just some of the products designed and built by LOVATO Electric. Our company’s “mission” is to provide competitive products and services in the industrial automation and energy management fields. Our 13 branches abroad and a network of over 90 importers ensure the availability of Lovato Electric products in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Why Lovato chose ANSYS Maxwell

In LOVATO, the choice of ANSYS wasn’t driven by the impulse to turn to the world market leader, but was the result of an accurate software selection by means of a pilot project verification carried out in collaboration with EnginSoft.

This project was accomplished in two different phases. In the first phase, a virtual model of a switcher was created inside ANSYS Maxwell 3D, with the aim of reproducing its function and matching the experimental data.
In the second phase, LOVATO exploited the parametrization and optimization tools inside ANSYS Maxwell to investigate different configurations and increase the overall switcher performance.
Eventually ANSYS Maxwell proved to be the most accurate, advanced and easy-to-use tool among the reknowned options. Currently, Lovato uses ANSYS Maxwell both in the first phase of product design and to enhance existing products, to ensure that the product complies with the necessary performance requirements before its production starts.
ANSYS Maxwell is also used to maximize performance, for example in terms of magnetic forces and closing times of mobile parts, and to increase the energetic efficiency of magnetic devices.
ANSYS Maxwell allows Lovato to reduce the number of prototypes that are necessary to ensure adherence to regulations and to validate the product’s functionality at the same time. Therefore, ANSYS Maxwell helps Lovato’s engineers to direct the design phase, avoid the risks of considering incorrect strategies and slowing the product’s time-to-market.
In conclusion, ANSYS simulation technology enables LOVATO to accurately predict how their products will perform in the real world. LOVATO trusts ANSYS software to ensure their products’ integrity and to drive business success through innovation.


“In Lovato we have always been in favour of any software solutions that can provide us with competitive advantage” declared Eng. Iacopo Guaiatelli, CAE engineer at Lovato Electric, “and, from this perspective, ANSYS Maxwell seems to be the right tool to support us in the design of our products, allowing us to evaluate many design alternatives in less time, thus increasing their specific quality. In a few words, it allows us to work towards INNOVATION --  something that everybody talks about and that we take very seriously into account.”

"After a careful technical assessment, we chose ANSYS Maxwell because, in our opinion, it represents the best technology currently available on the market,” continued Eng. Guaiatelli, "moreover, EnginSoft represents a serious and reliable partner that has assisted us with highly qualified professionals during the pilot project phase, enabling us to quickly become autonomous."

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