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Electrifying Solutions for Motors and Generators

Newsletter EnginSoft Year 16 n°2
By Nicola Pornaro
Marelli Motori
R&D Mechanical Technologies Coordinator
Electrifying Solutions for Motors and Generators
Electrifying Solutions for Motors and Generators


The market for electric power generation equipment is growing more competitive every day, with customers demanding more reliable, eco-friendly products at lower cost. Marelli Motori meets these demands using Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Mechanical and Ansys CFD in multiphysics simulations to deliver the tailor-made solutions their customers have come to rely on. More recently, they have begun using Ansys Discovery Live to obtain instantaneous simulation results with every on-the-fly change to a product’s geometry or operating conditions, greatly reducing design time.
EnginSoft wishes to acknowledge Ansys Advantage magazine as the source for this article.

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