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Cimolai Technology chooses Ansys

Cimolai Technology designs and produces special machines and plants for lifting, handling, transport and launching operations

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Cimolai Technology - Gantry cranes on rails installed on a floating dock
Cimolai Technology - Gantry cranes on rails installed on a floating dock


Cimolai Technology, based in Carmignano di Brenta near Venice, designs and produces special machines and plants for lifting, handling, transport and launching operations. The company works closely with customers to find the right solution for any specific field and application. All machines are produced, pre-assembled and tested in the company’s state-of-the-art facility which enables Cimolai Technology to offer short delivery times and guarantee a high quality 100%-Italian products.

In order to allow it to continue offer regulation-compliant, customized solutions to meet customer requests, Cimolai Technology opted to replace its previous computation system with ANSYS Workbench and Space Claim software. In this brief article, the company explains the business benefits it has achieved since the installation in terms of time savings in planning, and design, and improvements in product quality and in delivery forecast ability.

Cimolai Technology Spa is located in Carmignano di Brenta – a few kilometers from Venice – in modern premises with a total area of 53,000 square meters. 

In 2004, the Cimolai family, which founded and ran the Cimolai Group, a world leader in steel construction, for nearly 60 years, decided to invest in new areas of production. The key idea was to create a new business based on the solid foundation of the Cimolai Group, and the versatility of a young group of engineers with proven experience in specialized transport and lifting systems. Thus, Cimolai Technology Spa was formed, uniting advanced technology and innovative potential with a strong and stable foundation of design and production collaboration. As a result, Cimolai Technology Spa Special Equipment has become a sought-after global partner for the study and optimization of any lifting, handling, transport or launching operations.

The company works closely with customers and is always ready to find the right solution for the specific field and application required. The customer can count on staff experienced in design, electrics and hydraulics, capable of meeting various needs. The group’s considerable production capability and its state-of-the-art facility in Carmignano di Brenta – where all machines are pre-assembled and tested – enable short delivery times, and guarantee a 100% Italian-made machine that meets the highest quality standards. Furthermore, specialized assemblers are available to assist the end-user. Not only do they assemble and commission the machines, but they also guarantee a prompt after-sales service world-wide.

Cimolai Technology Spa Special Equipment is UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS-OHSAS 18001 certified. The machines manufactured by the company are also UL-certified for the USA and Canada. In addition, all of the machines comply with the terms and the provisions of EEC Directive 2006/42/CE and are marked “CE”. Cimolai Technology Spa Special Equipment has also been certified by SOA Nord Alpi and is qualified to participate in Italian public tenders.

Since most of these activities require a tailor-made approach to projects to meet customer requests and specifications but also to comply with stringent regulations, it is essential for Cimolai Technology to calculate and check all its metallic structures precisely. In February 2016, the company decided to replace its previous computation system with the new ANSYS WORKBENCH and SPACE CLAIM software.

Eng. Giovanni Sabbini, who led the introduction of ANSYS into the technical department, was interviewed five months after the software installation and he could satisfactorily affirm: “The main benefit we have obtained by adopting the ANSYS technology in the development of our products has been that of simplifying and improving the iterative flow between design/project and computation/verification.
The cycle can now be closed more effortlessly and the necessary enhancement iterations are easily performed. Previously, geometric modifications and preparations used to constitute 80% of the total activity, whereas now it has been reduced up to 40%, thus saving time and resources that can be oriented to the real computation. The target we are focused on now is that of reducing the refined geometric preparation by up to 20%. The other great advantages we have realized have been the quality and the velocity of the mesh capabilities that, together with new hardware installations, have allowed us to reach inconceivable overall velocities. In summary, we currently evaluate that we’ve saved more than 50% of the time that used to be spent on the whole calculation activity.
Furthermore, the possibility of designing complete models, including bolted joints, has allowed us to quickly achieve improved accuracy in the planning of complex structures and, therefore, to avoid having to take corrective measures during the execution phase. This element is particularly important since our structures are often unique and are assembled in the construction yard. Improved reliability in this regard enables us to be faster and more precise in forecasting delivery dates, thereby reducing unexpected events.”

Cimolai Technology - Velocity Streamline

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