Aviospace: The Italian Aerospace & Defense Company | Interview with Eng. Giovanni Gambacciani

Using simulation for engineering challenges in unknown or poorly understood environments


Aviospace is an Italian company founded in 2004, active in the Aerospace & Defense industrial sector. The company headquarters is in the centre of Turin and employs about twenty people: most of them are qualified and skilled engineers, who work on the development of Aerospace Systems, from the conceptual phases, research and development, to the prototypes and flight parts, in partnership with major international agencies.
We met with Aviospace engineer Giovanni Gambacciani to learn about the essence of Aviospace and the challenges it faces in industry.
Gambacciani’s enthusiasm towards his work and the industry is evident after the first question. Almost 40 years, since he graduated, with full marks at the University of Florence, as a mechanical engineer, Gambacciani began his career in development of diesel engines at FIAT-GM Powertrain (now FCA) where he gains a solid experience on CAE both in the fluid and structural environment.

Gambacciani moves from automotive to aerospace, joining Thales Alenia Space in the development of structures for space systems, focusing his work on structures, mechanisms, materials and all simulation methodologies and result testing. In 2010, he joins the engineering team of Aviospace, part of the Airbus Group (owner of Aviospace from 2010 to 2016), as Head of Thermo-structural division. Leading the team based in Turin on numerous exciting space transport projects, including: launchers, dwelling modules, capture of space debris, robotics, support to the ISS, etc. Some of which have been integrated or planned into the mission launches. In the past few years, the company has reverted back to an independent company and it is undergoing a transformation, facing new challenges within new areas of aeronautics & defense and in industrial sectors with high technological content.


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Giovanni Gambacciani

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