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A CFD simulation of melting furnace for the production of stone wool

Simulation provides substantial information about the melter’s operating conditions

Newsletter EnginSoft Year 16 n°4
By Thomas Tripolini | Gamma Meccanica
A CFD simulation of melting furnace for the production of stone wool
A CFD simulation of melting furnace for the production of stone wool


Gamma Meccanica’s R&D department is constantly researching new solutions to improve the overall performance of equipment, production capacity and reliability while developing environmentally sustainable processes and applications to benefit its customers.

This paper presents a numerical model for a melting furnace for stone wool. The numerical model was designed using Ansys Fluent. The model includes all the main aspects of the real process (the electrical field, the heat transfer process and the fluid dynamics of the melt).
The CFD simulation provided a lot of information about the operating conditions of the electric melter while considering the hypothesis of the dissipation terms. A proper validation on site in the field will enable us to obtain a more reliable setup of the model, to reflect reality as closely as possible.

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