Regional Conference

NAFEMS UK Conference 2020

Inspiring Innovation through Engineering Simulation

Date: 9th – 10th June 2020

Venue: Milton Keynes, UK

Timetable : 9:00 - 17:00

EnginSoft are excited to be sponsoring the NAFEMS UK Conference 2020 that will focus on the role of Innovation through Engineering Simulation, covering topics ranging from traditional FEA and CFD, to new and emerging areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning and EDA.

Come along to see David Percival from EnginSoft UK and Adam Feneley from Xtrac Ltd, present “Employing advanced CFD to predict oil distribution, churning losses and gearbox cooling” at the NAFEMS UK 2020 Conference. Xtrac will present their use of the MPS (moving particle simulation) method to predict the lubrication distribution and churning losses in gearboxes, sharing their results compared to physical testing conducted at Xtrac’s in-house research and development laboratory.

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The innovative integration platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization

modeFRONTIER provides a seamless coupling with third party engineering tools, enables the automation of the design simulation process, and facilitates analytic decision making.

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Comparison of casting simulation results and experimental data in heavy section ductile iron production

Aims to provide accurate information on cooling curves, microstructures and mechanical properties of large items for generic commercial uses

This technical article discusses a comparison study of simulated results and experimental data on the cooling curves, the microstructure and the mechanical properties inside a general commercial ductile iron casting.

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