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Innovative Leak Protection System from EnginSoft UK and MWH
is awarded funding from Innovate UK

Innovative Leak Protection System from EnginSoft UK and MWH is awarded funding from Innovate UK

Date: 2021, January

Venue: UK

As a leading specialists in Simulation Based Engineering Sciences, EnginSoft UK is excited to announce our collaboration with MWH Treatment to reduce water leakage, after securing funding from Innovate UK. With 200 years in the water industry, MWH Treatment is the ideal partner as we continue to support water companies meet their most challenging targets through the optimisation of AI technology in using advanced predictive analytics in understanding how to best proactively pin-point leakage and reduce water wastage.

Once again bringing EnginSoft UK’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence to the forefront, we plan to launch LeaPS: an innovative and efficient Leak Prediction System, utilising both EnginSoft UK’s AI technology and MWH Treatment’s direct engineering expertise.

Leakage threatens customers with higher bills, businesses and the general public with water outages and our climate change responsibilities with potential failure. Due to this environmental factor, attempting to curtail water leakage is not only a national concern, but an international one. As such, this project acknowledges the limited nature of natural resources, and sees investment in advanced technology as the solution.

Efficient, cost-effective and ecologically sound, LeaPS will support clients adhere to tough and increasing regulatory targets and avoid substantial penalties, all whilst reducing wastage.




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