Particleworks is an advanced CFD Software solution developed by Prometech, based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method.

Distributed by EnginSoft across Europe, Particleworks provides significant time and cost savings by eliminating the mesh generation that is required for conventional CFD software.

With Particleworks, engineers are able to model and simulate large-scale problems without overwhelming resources.

For CFD Users, Particleworks can help you achieve faster, better process with reduced resource consumption.

For Engineers relying on tests because traditional CFD is taking too long, complex and resource demanding. Particleworks can help you save money through CAE simulation.


Traditional CFD vs Particleworks


Particleworks - Engine Simulation
Particleworks - Fluid Powder Mixing
Particleworks - Water sloshing in tanks


Benefits of Particleworks

  • Gain significant time and cost savings with the Mesh-free particle method
  • Achieve improved accuracy of free surface flow
  • Overcome complex boundary geometries with flexible boundary conditions
  • Accelerate flexible fluid power/fluid rigid body integrations
  • Understand the modularity of chemical reactions and mixing


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