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EnginSoft are European distributors for ESTECO’s modeFRONTIER; the integrated platform for multi-objective optimisation, multi-disciplinary automation and analytical decision making that seamlessly connects to third party engineering tools to automate the design process - streamlining your engineering processes and effectively utilising strained resources for increased productivity. 

The powerful integrated environment allows the execution of complex chains of individual design optimisation stages, whilst innovative algorithms determine the set of best possible solutions combining opposing objectives for effective decision making. The post-processing tools allows the user to perform sophisticated statistical analysis and data visualisation transforming complex numerical data to valuable knowledge.

modeFRONTIER design space  modeFRONTIER design space 

Benefits of modeFRONTIER

  • Improve design performance with full insight into interactions between design elements
  • Reduce design turnaround time using advanced metamodeling methodologies
  • Satisfy time-to-market needs by exploiting graphical tools to analyse results
  • Balance conflicting objectives by taking into account multi-disciplinary concerns
  • Reduce testing cost by considering reliability and uncertainty
  • Maximize simulation accuracy with a powerful workflow engine


Key Features of modeFRONTIER

  • Integration & Process Automation
  • Optimisation
  • Robust Design and Reliability
  • Design Space Exploration
  • Analytics and Visualisation
  • Decision Making

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